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Interview with DJ Medicn


Q:  “O.K. I’m sitting here with DJ Medicn, alright, and we’re going to be doing this interview here, O.K., why don’t you tell us, ahhh… a little bit about your background and what you’re doing right now?”


A:  “Yeah, Ummm…my background is ahhh…I was DJ’ing for ah radio station at Colby College, ahhh…back in ’87.  And I’ve been, ahhh…DJ’ing ever since, Ummm…that…that particular ahhh…situation I was DJ’ing at, I would, Ummm…I started with a guy named, ‘DJ Time Bomb.’  And, he kinda showed me the ropes of ah, doing ahmmm…Dj’ing on the Radio.  Ahhh…that…I…I did that for a few years and then I ended up, ah, getting into some, ah, production, you know, DJ work.  And I was doing that down in, Ummm…New Hampshire with a guy named, Ahmmm…Ummm…’Kirk,’  Ummm…I can’t remember his full DJ name; but ‘DJ Kirk.’ He was, Ahhhh…he’s the one that got me kinda…into it.  Ahhmmm… after I, purchased a drum machine, Ummm…thee, ahhhh…ah, Kawai R 50 E, ahhh…had sounds that kinda like, Ummm…what’s his name there?  Ahhhmmm…(short pause.)  thee, ahhh…kinda sounded like, Michael Jackson’s kinda…words.  You know, 80’s, ahhh…drum productions work, you know, Ummm…It’s ‘Prince,’ all that kinda of stuff.  In early songs, Ummm… using, ah, drum machines, instead of drummers, ah, it kinda had ‘that,’ (quick pause, to indicate quote.)  sound to it.  And Ummm…it was actually…pretty food for the time, so… I got started with that.  And then…Ummm…I, I, I still was doing some DJ’ing, and then I came up to Maine.  This was all in New Hampshire, I …ah, Manchester New Hampshire.  And then I came up to Maine.”


Q:  “What year was that?”


A:  “This was, ah…that I came up?”


Q:  “Yeah.”


A:  “I came up in 19…well, I had already been here, because in ’87 I was doing some work with, ah, ‘DJ Time Bomb,’ but then, when I…I left in ’88, Ummm…and I came back in 1990.  So…”


Q:  “So, you came up here in…90?”


A:  “Again…yeah.  And then, Ummm…I came up to Augusta, and, ahhh…started, ah, dong some…I’m…I’m still doing some, Ummm…production work and what now, And…Ahhh… I ended up, ahhh…doing an album.  Ahhh…in, Ahhh…actually 1994.  Which was, ahhh… ah, (chuckles.)  It’s pretty interesting, Ah, it kinda was, ah, a… an album that errr…I don’t know.  People liked it.  It was…it was… I was a little bit, ahhh…rough, because, I had gone to college, over at, ahhh…U.M.A., and I started taking, ahhh…thee, ahhhmmm…”


Q:  “We were in class together:  Fundamentals of Music Theory.”


A:  “That’s…that’s right.  Yeah, yeah.  We…we were in class together.  (Laughs.)  but, I , ah, I started dong, ah, after… after that class, I took some, Ummm…What is it?  Thee, Ummm… Recording class.  Ummm…Errr, I took a couple of those classes, and ahhh… So, I ended up getting into recording.  So, I was recording my own stuff.  Ummm…and, ahhh… in 1994 I decided:  ‘I’m going  to record this album.’  So, I went crazy, and kinda just…did it all in about 2 or 3 weeks.  It would have been actually…like now, now-a-days, you can…you can do… you can do what I did, like in…probably, in… you know, 4 or 5 hours,  at least maybe a day or two.  You know, but, ah, it…it wouldn’t take very long, to produce all that stuff Plus, but, back then we were using, Ummm…analog tapes and all that stuff.  So, it was…It took quite a

while to, ahhh…to get everything together…mix that.

     But when we did, ah, it came out with , ah, we, ah: ‘Enter the Medicn man.’  So, that came out.  That…that…that worked out pretty well.  (Pause.) And, ahhh…then we went to…”


Q:  “Is there…Is there any out there so people can buy it, if they wanted to?”


A:  “Well, I…it’s, ah, it’s…it’s not, I don’t know.  There might be some kicking around.  I’m not sure, but, ahhh… it was…I mean, , I bought like 300.  Ah, we got like  300, ah, tapes made.  And, ah, we were going to do some more, but, we, you know…I mean, it…turns right into C.D.’s.  You know, I knew C.D.’s were out during that time, but it just started to pick up.  You know, what I mean?  We were like, ‘Well, should we go with C.D.’s or…’  And we really diodn’t promote it that much.  We did…we sold quite a few, but we didn’t promote it that much.  So, we decided to, ahhh… you know, kinda hold off until the next project…Which we didn’t get around to.  Ummm…I ended up being in a couple of different bands, and what not.  So, ahhh…and then ummm…you know, time went by and later on, I…I…I was still making music, I was making…I had made, I don’t know, I don’t know how much…how many songs and…and things I did…I did, Ummm…DJ’ing, Ahhh…Ummm…clubs again, well, doing some club work in Maine…and I did that, I know, we jump ahead to like 19… I don’t know, 2004.  And I started DJ’ing again up here, there’s a club called:  ‘Club Liquid,’  and, ahhh…that was like, you know, I was DJ’ing there and that place was very interesting.”


Q:  (Laughs)


A:  “to say the least.  Other than that, you had to be…you had to be there.  But, ah, it was ahhh…it was kinda wild.  And Ummm…it started off as, as…as a ‘kid’s club,’  Ummm…and then they made a switch to, Ahhh…’Adult only,’ you know, over 21.  And, Ummm…it, it, it worked but it didn’t work, as well as they wanted to.  Ummm…so, it ended up…(pause.)  gong out of business.”


Q:  “I heard that guy spent like a hundred thousand dollars renovating that place.”


A:  “Well, naw, he didn’t…he didn’t, but the next person did.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “The next person went towards…well it turned into, ahhh…ahhhmmm… Delia’s.”


Q:  “Yeah.”


A:  “It was a restaurant.  Basically it costed nearly a hundred thousand dollars, renovating that place.  It was beautiful.  It was killer in there. And then, Ahmmm…”


Q:  “And they used it for that, ahhh…I don’t know if you heard it, thee, ahhh…The James Stiles Movie, that was made in Augusta, ‘WebGirl the movie.’  They used it in a scene in that movie.”


A:  “Oh, they did?”


Q:  “Yeah…yes.”


A:  “Was it in thee, ahhh…”


Q:  “WebGirl the Movie.”


A:  “WebGirl, what?  Delia’s or…or…or, the other place?”


Q:  “Yes, Delia’s.”


A:  “Oh, O.K..  So, it was nice in there. O.K..”


Q:  “Yeah.”


A:  “Yeah, so…check that out…”


(Note to readers:  WebGirl the movie, A James Stiles film is currently on sale at Amazon HD.)


A:  “…you know, Ummm…(chuckles,) And then it went to, Ummm…’O.T.R..’ Now that was, definitely the most successful, ah, Club that was there.  And, that’s when I was DJ’in there.  And…I mean that place was packed.  I mean there was 200, Ummm…270 …Ummm…people, you know, allowed to be in there.”


Q:  “ I heard they were driving as far away, like, ah, Litchfield and Boothbay, because the drinks…they used to like, give you more than the regular shot.  They used to give you more alcohol and stuff like that.  So, people would just drive in from as far away as Waterville to that club.”


A:  “Actually, that was ‘Club Liquid.”


Q:  “Yeah, O.K..”


A:  “When…when it was ‘Club Liquid,’ that’s when that was happening.  They were coming from Rockland, everywhere.  I mean, it wasn’t that many people, but, you know, it…it…it might be, I don’t know, 40, 50, 75 people they were coming  all the way from Rockland I mean these people were coming virtually every week.  And it’s still…it’s just…I don’t know, I think it’s…I don’t know what happened with it…the place. I don’t know why it went down like…”


Q:  “Well, ahhhmmm…I don’t know about ‘Club Liquid.’  I do, but, I ain’t going to say, but…”


A:  (Laughs.)


Q:  “  I know ahhh…ahhh…the ‘On The Rocks.’  ( Note to readers: ‘O.T.R.’)


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “I guess they were, they were…were like, they place sold for like a million bucks, or something like that, I heard, they sold it to the current owner, for a lot of money.”


A:  “Oh really?”


Q:  “Because, they…making…bringing in so many people.”


A:  “Well…well, that’s…O.K., so, there…there was…’On The Rocks,’ O.K., that was very successful.  And Ummm…I mean, what was I going to say before?  Actually, I was going to say, sorry, there was 2…227 that was allowed in there; but there would easily be 400 people in there.  So, that was way beyond the codes, that it should be, but, Ahhmmm…but, Ahhmmm…they…he sold that  to ‘Doobies,’ a place called, ‘Doobies.’”


Q:  “Ahhh…”


A:  “And I DJ’ed there for a little bit.  And, ah, that was, ahhh…that guy, I, he was never there. He, he, he, he, he bought the Club, and I think he expected it to work, without him being a part of it…And, that’s you know, that’s where he messed up/  Ahhmmm…I think.  Ah, because he…he should have been there and he would…he was…came in every once in a while.  And, Ummm…(pause,) Ummm…(pause,) one…another factor, was probably, I…I…this is, ah, this my opinion, ahhh…that, when I was Dj’ing there, it was…it was packed!  You couldn’t…you couldn’t, you know…people away.  But!  When he…the, the, the owner, of ‘O,’…’O.T.R.’ is what I’m talking about.  ‘On The Rocks.’  Ummm…he wanted to…expand!  And he…he just opened, you know?  Ah, 8 months previous.  The place was jumping, and he wants to open another club… Like next door.  Or, knock a hole in the wall, and open the Club up next door too, to make it bigger.  Which if you could do that, it…it would be cool, but, he didn’t own the building.  And, he didn’t own any…you know, either one of those, you know?  He didn’t own the building we were in, and he didn’t own the other building.  So, you can’t just knock a hole in the wall.  And he wanted to find a, ah, a, Ummm…bigger DJ.  Like if we were in New York he would’ve of wanted to get, like, you know, DJ Scratch or some…some big time DJ’s in there, that would just, you know, make it so much, just…this bigger thing.  But, he was already over capacity, as I was saying earlier.  So, he…he just…I don’t know what his idea was, but, he just…he decided to get another DJ to come in there.”


Q:  “Oh-No!”


A:  “And when he got that DJ to come in there, Ummm…the, the numbers started dropping.  Now this guys a great DJ.  I’ve seen him DJ’ing other places, Ahhh…out in, Ahhh…you know, in Lewiston, and DJ’s at the Beach.  He’s like, pretty famous, you know, he’s…knows…he’s done other…he’s done some other business ventures, with, Ummm…Ohhh…you know, and, Ummm…you know, had clients like Glenn Close, and you know, from, ahhh…ahhh…the movies.  And Ahhhmmm… and other famous people, and he’s a DJ, ahhmmm…but, you know, the chemistry, I guess, wasn’t there.  (Pause.)  So, Ahhh…so, I ended up, Ummm…work…he…he, was working for ‘Doobies,’ for a little bit, and then…”


Q:  “So, what, did they cut your hours back?”


A:  “Well, they just let me go.”


Q:  “Oh-No!”


A:  “Yeah, they just let me go.  He just replaced me, at the height of the whole thing…’BOOM!’”


Q:  “Oh my God!”  


A:  “And then he came in with this stuff, and…and, it did O.K., for a little bit.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “But, I mean it, wasn’t…it wasn’t, like you know, over capacity, like it was when I was Dj’ing there.”


Q:  “Mmmm-mmmm-mmm-mmmm!”



A:  “Ummm…and, Ummm…but, hey, that’s ahhh…that’s how you do it.  I don’t know…”


Q:  “I guess…but, still, you know…I mean, the…the fact that he replaced you , and he sounds like a bad business decision.”


A:  “Well, hey…in my opinion, it was definitely a bad business decision.  I mean, I…I mean, they went out of business, not even a year latter…”


Q:  “Whewww!”


A:  “…I mean, so…I mean…I, he sold the place.  I mean, maybe didn’t…didn’t have to sell the place, but, I don’t know.  It has never been full like that since, you know, and ah, it just hasn’t been.  But, I think, probably mismanagement or money or something.  I mean, I really don’t know.”


Q:  “Was that the last place you DJ’ed?”


A:  “Ummm…no.  I DJ’ed, Ummm…Ah, well, I DJ’ed there again, ah, because it’s now in a different…”


Q:  “Shenanigans.”


A:  “It’s Shenanigans now, and ahhh…that’s, ahhmmm…(Medium pause.)  I mean, Shenanigans is…I think it’s pretty successful.  Ummm…it’s, but it’s, not nearly as many people as…as we had, you know.  Ahhh…but, I think…I think…they…they must do pretty good, because, they…there’s kinda a new generation, kinda kick in.  Ummm…you know, they’re really not concerned about, like, the…the, ahhh…’classiness,’ of…of, ahhh…you know, all that new stuff that they’ve put in these.  They kinda, they, I mean…they kinda like, ‘Raved it up,’ but; you know what I mean?  So, it’s like, Fresh paint all over the place, you know, and stuff like that…and, it kinda looks like…like, ah…like ahhmmm…like a warehouse/Rave kind of place now.  Ahhhmmm…so, but…but they do pretty good, I think.  I…I…they got a lot of cool DJ’s in there, Ummm…”


Q:  “Do you DJ in there?”


A:  “I…I, every once in a while they’ll call.  You know, like they say, ‘Hey, can you fill-in,’ or something.  I…lately…but, I..I’ve DJ’ed there, I don’t know, 2 or 3 times; maybe?  Ummm…but they’ve got a pretty set stage…set of DJ’s, so…you know, they…they are used to their…the way they DJ there.  Ummm…so, I…they’re not really…like, I…when I DJ, I plan to DJ for whose there.  Ummm…I look around and…and I see…you know, if I see a bunch of, Ummm…you know, people that look like they might be from…you know…out of the country or something.  And, and it might be, Ahhh…Puerto Rican, or…or…Mexican, or Haitian, or…I…I will play some of the music that they like, and that will bring them back.  And then it attracts more people, and that’s how I built up, Ummm…’On The Rocks,’  But, I’ve DJ’ed in there, and other places, using the same techniques, it works really well.  And, Ummm…I…I…I’ve also DJ’ed at ‘Spirits,’  up in Waterville, and Ummm…a couple of other places too…Ummm…but, Ahhh…Ahhh…I think it…yeah…yeah, a bunch of other places.”


Q:  “Well, I heard, it’s like they don’t even pay you enough money for gas sometimes.  You got a whole bunch of other DJ’s that you’ll working with that night.”


A:  “Well, yeah.  I…I…I don’t really…I’m still trying to figure that one out.  Ummm…as far as money is concerned, Ummm…”


Q:  “Like, if you play the whole night, you get paid good money.  If you don’t play the whole night, ‘cuz of other Dj’s, you just hope they give you gas money.”


A:  “Well, I…I’ll say this, as far as DJ’ing is concerned, I…I’ve looked at other DJ’s around, and they’re always, you know, telling me…everyone tells me different things there.  Ahhhmmm…when I…when I was DJ’ing at ‘On The Rocks,’ I was getting upwards of…$375 to $475 a night.”


Q:  (Whistles.)


A:  “The reason for that, is because, you know, I was actually doing something well.  I had, the place was packed.  That, they were, you know, I’m…I’m moving people towards the bar.  I’m moving people away from the bar.  You know, I’m …I’m letting them…I’m showing them how to, Ummm…(pause,)  you…I…you know, let…when…when it’s time to dance, when it’s not time to dance, you know.  I don’t …let it just…it’s not…what people do now a days is it’s all about great movements.  And…and, and, it’s…even…even if it’s not…even if it’s Hip Hop music, it’s all about mixing it…mixing the, Ummm…same beat, over and over again.  And, you can’t…you can do that, Ummm…but you can’t do it, Ummm…(pause,)  It…as for a specific crowd.  You can’t do that for everybody and people get tired, they sit around.  The music is still pumping:  ‘Boom!  Boom!’  And then they’re…you see people, like looking tired, you know, leaning up aginst the bar, or you know, they just don’t want to do anything.  And…and you get something called: ‘Ear fatigue,’ and you about that.  I’m sure you did, back when we were in school.  You know what I mean?  And, you…you get this thing called ear fatigue, and…and people don’t realize they have it, but, they’re just like: ‘Ahhhh.’  And everythingstarts to sound, kinda…you, know, all the ‘highs,’ are like kicked out, and everything.  And…or in this case, ‘lows.’  I mean, it’s just, you know, ‘Doushhh.’  You know, you get that ALL NIGHT LONG!  And it’s just…you just loose…unless you’re on…on some kind of…strange drug or something, you really can’t enjoy that.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “So.”


Q:  “So, Ah, Ah…Have you heard about DJ’s only getting paid like 50 Bucks, because there’s 5 other DJ’s that night?”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “And something like, they’re only getting paid for an hours’ worth of work, or something.”


A:  “Yeah, yeah, absolutely, Ahhmmm…because…(pause.)  Well, first of all, you know, Club owners don’t want to pay you any way.  They want to…they want to pay you, ahhhmmm…(pause)  you know, the least amount of money that they…that they can pay you.  The problem with that is…Is that, (pause)  you’re going…what you’re going to get is, You’re going to get somebody who is just starting out for a DJ, or somebody who just wants to do it for the fame, you know.  They might have like, a couple of followers.  They might have 30 followers; who knows?  But…they don’t know what they’re doing, you know, usually.  And, so the only people that are going to come, are those 30 people. 

You know, maybe so; Who knows?  And, depending upon the place, that might be enough…but, usually they’re young.  Ummm…and…and, when they bring all of their young…friends with them, they don’t have the money to support the bar.  They come in, they buy a couple of drinks and that’s it.  You know, Ahhhmmm…That’s why you…you…even in New York, you have these clubs, where, it’s a 2 drink minimum, and the drinks are $10 bucks a piece.  Because, you know, it’s young people and they don’t…they don’t buy.  They really don’t buy drinks for friends; they don’t buy shots and all this stuff.  So, because of that, you know, they…you don’t make enough money to support the business.”


Q:  “Wheww!”


A:  “So, they don’t…So, if they can get it for free, they’re happy, and…and, they don’t care.  You know, ah, because, they don’t understand.  And it’s funny, If you’re a bar owner, you really should understand about, you know, DJ’s.  I mean, if you’re going to do that.  If you’re going to do bands, that’s one thing.  If you’re going to do DJ’s, you really should understand about, what we are hiring and why.  And, you know, and get somebody who knows what they are doing, you know.  Than just, ‘let me your…let me a C.D..’  You, you play a C.D., that they’ve mixed with their computer, you know;  because now, you can, make, ah, incredible ‘mix,’ with your computer and it sounds, like , professional. 

You know, it’s really …really somebody just in their bedroom, And they don’t really know what they are doing.  They…they…they make the C.D., and people ; ‘Wow, yeah!  You come down!’  When they come down, they take that C.D. and they put it in, and they just play the C.D..  They don’t…they’re not really DJ’in.  Ahhmmm…and Ahhmmm…you know, there’s several kinds of DJ’s.  You know, you got your;  your DJ’s who do thick live mixes, and stuff like that.  And he mixes and some…(Note to readers:  Inaudible word spoken here.  It picks up at:)…Songs and things like that, and play those.  Ahhhmmm…(Note to readers:  another inaudible word spoken here.)…around here, mostly use an (Note to readers inaudible word spoken here.)…Ground music, starting out.  Or even, some of them have been Or even, some of them have been doing it for 5, 6, 7 years, 10 years and still haven’t figured out, how to actually DJ.  All they are thinking about is themselves.  You know, they’re not playing the…like, what I do, when I’ll give a secret away.  What I do sometimes, is I look at, (Pause.)  the door, and I see who comes in.  And, it…it, ‘cuz, at different times of the night, you have different people.  ‘Cuz, they open the bars early, so you may have, like some real drunks, in there.  You know, like, heavy drinkers, you know.  Ummm…And so, they’re drinking in there, and then, a whole group of girls comes in, and, Ahhh…they’re like ready, you know, to have a party or whatever.  And…and you’re playing some…some, Ummm…well, depending on the bar, you might be playing rock music.  You know, like classic rock, so, you…you got to switch that up, and, you can’t just go right into hard-core hip-hop / Rap.  You have to kinda, like look at the girls.  Are they ‘Country girls?’  Are they, you know, Ahhh…’City Girls?’  Are…you know…What kind of girls are these coming in?  What kind of cloths are they wearing?  Figure that out, Ummm…by playing a few different songs, and they start ‘bobbing their head.’  You might think that they might want to, ‘Bob their head,’ to Beyonce, and really they want to ‘Bob their heads,’ in Mirranda, you know, whatever her name is there, the Country singer.  So, and you do that, and, Ummm…you switch that over, and…and, ah, you start playing those songs, you watch their move, and then you know:  ‘Oh, O.K., now…’  just by the way they dress, you know, they’re willing to…to listen to some Rap music, or…or some Hip[-hop music, or whatever.  Ummm…but you have to…you have to, Ummm…(pause,) kinda wait.  You don’t want to give it all away right now.  You know they are loving that Country Music;  but it’s kinda Country and Hip-Hop, or you know, they kinda like that kind of mix there, so you play that.  You play a couple of, Ummm…Ahhh…you know, Ahhh…girl…you know, girls singer type songs, like, ah;  What is that?  The…the ‘Pussycat Dolls,’ stuff like that, and they start dancing.  You know, and you get involved.  And then, ah, you see some other guys come in, and these…you know, so there’s…there’s like 6 girls, and then there might be 4… a group of 4 guys that comes in;  and, you know:  What are they?  They…they like a little bit, Ummm…they don’t want any Hip-Hop at all, really.  They want some Rock music.  So, you play a little bit of Rock music;  because what’s going to happen, by the end of the night, is you’re going to have a group that wants to hear…a larger group, that wants to hear Hip Hop music.  So, your gonna…your gonna, play that, you know.  But, by that time, everybody’s ‘lit,’ and kinda settled in, and…and…and you’ve eased them into that.  Even like, push it down their throats.  You know what I mean?  So, if you ease them into it, then you have, ‘that group.’  Now, after you’ve done it for a while…after you’ve done it for a while, you will, notice that…that you have, Ummm…Ummm…ah, ah particular crowd that you have.  So, you know what music to play.  Like if, for instance, at Shenanigans, those guys down there, know exactly what kind of music to play; because they’re had that for a while.  So, they…they know that, they’re not going to get by any Country music, or anything like that.  However, if…if the place looked like it could, you know…you know, when people come in and they look at…like at Shenanigans, they look…they’re…they’re…they…I’m not…because, of the way they have it down there, they automatically know, whether this is for them or not.  You know, some places…like when I worked at ‘O.T.R.,’  you don’t know what that place is like.  You look,  ‘Man,’ that bar looks really nice, and the floor is shiny, and you know, all this stuff,  and…’Wow!’…I don’t know what kind of place this is.  It could be any place.  And it was, because they…they played every type of music; and then they did have bands in there too, you know.  In fact…in fact!  A little extra:  One of these guys, are…are…are the owner of, Ummm…one time, right when they had the biggest…like, you were open so long, you had the ‘Grand Opening.’  We didn’t do that, but…but, it was like…that was the night.  Because, people come down in their jeans and everything; but, I noticed that the girls came down that night in their pumps and their, you know, looking like, you know, the, ahhh…the…the mini dresses, and all that stuff.  Same girls that were dressed up, (quick pause,)  Ahhh…with just jeans and T-shirts.  Which is, nothing wrong with that, but, ah, they came down in…in their, Ummm…in their dresses and pumps and what not.  And that was thee night I knew it.  I was like:  ‘Oh yes.  This is the night that we kibnda make that turning point.’  And without telling me, they put a band in.  So, he said: ‘yeah, we got all these people coming in.”  In…in…in his mind, he thought:  ‘Wow! That’s great!  We have a band coming.’  Now, he got lucky, it was very successful that night…for him.  But, now, they very next week, on…it was a Friday…Saturday night?  I think it was a Saturday night, because I started doing Saturday nights.  And Ummm…the very next week, (pause,) only 3 people were there.  It…I mean first off, it…we had, like, 250 people.  It was just, in the beginning.  250 people were coming…that night, or…or, you know, about.  And then, he actually had about 450 people, because his…he had all the band people coming too.  Because…because they have a following.  So, they brought their following, plus the other following.  And, he didn’t…he thought that was very successful.”


Q:  “But, then the next weekend he only had 3.”


A:  “Well, then ther was , like, 3 people.  The whole night, I’d I would say there might have been about 20 people in there the whole night.  So, I had to…I had to…and then…and then he switched…he…he was like:  ‘Well, why don’t…I’m going to put bands in here on… on this night, why don’t you work on, (quick pause for emphasis,)  Friday night?’  So, I had to start it all over again.”


Q:  “Oh-No!”


A:  “Yeah, but…but, I did it!  You know, we…we got it in there, and you know, he…he did advertise and everything, but, Ummm…you know…it…I think he swears that, you know, it was his

advertising that was the whole thing;  but, people advertise all the time, but, the same people, the same strategy, everything, and they never get anybody and the club still stunk.  You know, or it…as far as people, are concerned it still stunk.  So, you know, Ahhh…it’s almost a waste of money.  So, I…I…I don’t believethat his…his, Ummm…advertising was the…the culprit.  I’m…I’m pretty sure it was how I was D.J.’ing, and you know, I was D.J.’ed:  Rock, Country, and…and, well, I started out , all I did was Rock, because that’s all that came.  And, as it switched, (Quick pause)  you know, we had all kinds of people.  We had people from all over the world…all over the world in there.  You know, from…all…all these countries that were coming into Augusta.  Ummm…you know, and, ahhh…I played all their music, so it was a big mix.  It was like a melting pot in there.  (Laughs) And, Ummm…Yeah, they really, you know, people really came back, every week and that place was ‘hoping.’  Heh!  You know, I don’t know.”


Q:  “So, is there any way people can contact you, to book gigs?  How would they contact you?”


A:  “If you want to book a gig with me, Ummm…you can contact me,ahhh…at, ahhhmmm…let’s see…you can contact me at:  medicn @  Ummm…and, yeah, just contact me through there.”


Q:  “Now, ahhh…I googled your name, and I’ve noticed that you got a lot of production credits going on…Like, a couple of things you’ve been producing.”


A:  “Ah, I’ve been producing, Ahhhmmm…Well, I’ve been doing a lot of different things.  Ahhh…and Ummm…I produced someone called, ah, this, ahhh…ah, ‘Tig-Bits,’ this girl, Ahhh…local…local Maine girl.  Ahhh…she’s ahhh…been doing some, Ummm…some production stuff.  And, her influence in, ah, Hip-Hop…Rapping and you know, making music and stuff.  And I kinda started her out, Ummm…we had about 12 songs, and, Ummm…or, so, that we did.  And she…she kinda of starting working with a guy named, ‘Hit-Man.’ So, he…so, he, kinda took it over from that.  He really…he really didn’t get our project credit too much, ahhh…because, he was so excited, that she was going to put the songs out ahead of time, and which was fine.  But, Ummm…I never got to…to, Ummm…(medium pause,)  like, ah. To finish the…the recording, like ‘Master the recordings,’ with her really.  So, Ummm…when you…if you hear some of the ones that she…that they put out, where, at a lower volume, you know, and Ummm…like I said, these guys now, the computer, you just: ‘Boom, Boom, Boom,’ and he put that stuff out, and it’s Ummm…And it sounds good, You know, Ahhmmm…(Medium pause,)  it sounds good.  It’s just, Ahhh…(pause.)  they’re, (Pause.)  I don’t…They are using different equipment, and it’s…it’s not quite what it’s suppost to be.  But, it sounds good, like, nobody would know.  You know, until you start, you know, comparing it and putting it up, you know…you can hear it…you can hear it where, certain tracks and things like that happen and what not, but, Ummm…you know.  But, it’s…it’s good, it’s good enough, you know, for…for sound quality…all that stuff.  And, so, she’s doing that stuff and she’s doing real good.  She’s actually very…getting super popular, and, I…I support her and, ah, her going to work with, ah, ‘Hit-Man,’  and whatever, So…”


Q:  “Now did you get paid for that?  ‘Cuz, I thought you’ve been producing stuff at least since…”


A:  “Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Absolutely!  Absolutely!  Yeah, she…she…she, ah, we…the work that we did, yeah, she definitely, ah, she paid me.  And other stuff I do, you know, Ahhh…I do get paid for, for what I do, but, Ummm….I…”


Q:  “ ‘Cuz, there was a time, when you were doing a whole bunch of stuff for people back in the early…what was is?  The late ‘90’s yous were…”


A:  “Yeah, what I…what I was doing stuff, because I wasn’t…you know, I was just kinda learning and all that stuff, but, yeah, I…I definitely get paid for that, and in it’s, Ahhhmmm…and, and…and she, Ahhh…actually, what was I going to say?  The only problem…the only thing that I…I…the only thing I don’t like about the whole situation, is that I didn’t get to finish doing, what we were doing.  Because, I think that we had something pretty unique, Ummm…at least with her, you know.  I did…we did a lot of…I did a lot of production.  Like a lot of people…production is just ‘making a beat,’ or whatever, but…I was like, pumping her with, you know, like…well, with her vocals and…and…and, Ahhmmm…you know, like, you know, like, we…we, Ahhmmm…like I wrote…I rewrote some of her lyrics, some of…you know, things like that, you know just getting her to…she…she was just starting out; you know?  And, she needed a lot of, ah. Help with that, and so I was helping her.  And she…but she’s I mean, she’s…she has, I mean,. She has only been going for like 3 years, or 2 or 3 years; and she’s like, really like, gotten so much better, it’s unreal, Ummm…You know, over that time.  And she…but she was naturally good, Ummm…with the…with the style that we were doing.  She just…I…it was just…I don’t even know how to explain it.  You have to…You had to be there.  But, Ah, you know, we would have got her going.  (Pause)  Yeah.”


Q:  “What was some of the other people you worked with in the past?”


A:  “Ahhmmm…let’s see…well, I worked for a couple…I worked for, Arrrrrar!  Now you ask…I can’t remember the name of that, the one group that, I worked with, Ummm…they were a Heavy Metal group, and I…I, re…that gave me, ah, Ummm…tape, and, Ahhh…(Laughs.)  It…It was really…you know what I mean?  It was really Heavy…’Heavy, Heavy,’ music man.  I mean, it was like, Ummm…I don’t know, what’s…?  ‘Slip knot,’..type…sound, but, like, the way it was done;  But, ‘Prodigy,’ like…they were very…performed with a liot of precision with what they were doing.  So, it was kinda progressive…you know?  So, it was…it was killer, I mean these guys were awesome.  Ummm…and, Ahhh…when I came into it, I…coming from the ‘80’s, Ahhh…era, you know, whatever.  (Chucles.)  I…like I thought…they said, “just do something with it.’  And I thought,  What was missing group, was, Ahhhmmm…Well, not from that group, but from the song I listen…reproducing for them, was, Ummm…you know, (Medium pause)  that it was basically, just guitars, drums and whatever;  And it sounded great.  But, what I did is, like, I…I like…put some talking in the beginning of it.  Like, so, it was like, you kow like, Ummm…(Pause) You know, you probably heard some songs like that, Ahhh…And it’s just like some radio stuff, or…or something from a record or whatever, it was talking.  And then, I put in some like…some mix, xome ‘White Noise,’ like, Ahhhmmm…in the backgrounds, crackling stuff, and then all of a sudden, Ummm…I also, ah, reproduced…a…keyboard, Ummm…Rock…you know, distorted guitar/keyboard, over top of, what they were doing.  And it gave it a really, harder…a really edge, and then, Ummm…And…but, I, but, right at the spot where this…like it was building, building, building, building…what…Ummm…You know, it’s always: ‘building, building, building,’ and right at the point where, Ummm…the…it…it…it feels like something new is going to happen, Ummm…I…I, put a guitar solo in there.  Now, I don’t know if it’s still like that today, but, you know, a few years back, it was like…it was like, Sound like, sacrilege to have a guitar solo to…I…I…I couldn’t believe it either.  Because, you know, I…I’m used to Eddie Van Halen and, ah, you know, Ahhh…AC/DC, all these people who, ah, you know, they do, ah, even…even Metallica, you know what I mean?”


Q:  “Right.”


Q:  “Guitar solos, you know, from, ‘Hell,’ I guess.  I don’t know what to call it, But…(Long Pause) you know, these people are like:  ‘Man, what are you doing man?’  (Note to readers:  Sounding like Tommy Chong in a Cheech and Chong movie.)  You know like…you know, ‘Guitar Solo?  What are you like some kind of…Who do you think you are?’  And you know.  And I was like, ‘What?’  He said, ‘Yeah, you…you don’t…that’s…that’s like…you’re like…’  They got into this, Ummm…What do they call it?  ‘Like you’re being, Ummm…’ (Medium to long pause.) How did they say it?  Ahwwlll…it was like: ‘You’re being ah, Ahhmmm;;;(medium pause,)  Ahhhmmm…Ahhh…I don’t know.  What’s ah, word I’m just looking for?”


Q:  “Egotistical?”


A:  “Egotistical!  Yeah!  ‘You’re…what’s with your ego man?’  (Still a hint of Tommy Chong impersonation in his voice.)  ‘You know, you got a big ego.  You’re like ah…ah, you think you’re like all that.  You know what I’m saying?’  And I was like, ‘No man, I just think it sounds cool dude.’  And…and I played it for the one guy, the drummer, he was like, ‘Yeah!  This is really!’  He…he and they, or the rest of the band members, were so mad…Or, not the rest of them, but, the guitar player.  I think…I don’t know, I might of over shadowed him a little bit, but, they weren’t doing any solo work.  I mean, his grooves were great!”


Q:  “No solo’s?”


A:  “No solos’ man.  No…”


Q:  “How do you go with no solos’?”


A:  “I don’t know!  I…I don’t know.  But, if you listen to these groups, from like 1994, ah, to like, you know, not too long ago, people are just down, don’t do any solo work anymore.”


Q:  “O.K..  Yeah, O.K..”


A:  “You notice in popular music, there’s no solo work.  It’s just…but I…I’ve noticed recently, you know, like maybe one line of solo, you know and I don’t even know if it’s a solo.  Because it’s…it’s one line, so, it might be just a little ‘riff,’ you know.  But, ah, just, ‘Riff, riff, riff,’ that’s what it’s all about.  Or, what it was all about…At that time.  So, I was like, ‘Man!’  You know…but, it sounded so cool.  I mean, I wish I had, I don’t know if I still have that recording somewhere, but, it was so cool.  It’s ah, terrible recording, ‘cuz, it was just like, you know…you know, it was off…off their music was on a tape and I kinda went over the tape, and you know, added stuff to it.  And…and, I don’t know man, it was…it was awesome.  I did some stuff like that.  Ah!  A lot of stuff like that.  You know, Rock groups and, ah, whatever…you know, recording.  I…I also was doing some, Ummm…sound…some sound stuff for, Ummm…a band called ‘Lyn Essex.”


Q:  “Lyn Essex!”


A:  “You know Lynn Essex?”


Q:  “Of course!  Of course, I…Lynn Essex and her husband started Obscure Music magazine.”


A:  “Right.”


Q:  “Back in ’92.  In ’93 / ’94, and I was in 7 of the 9 issues…that I used to write for them, because, it was original based music.  The Musicians…The ‘M.O.M. network.’  The Maine Original Musicians Network.  And they had a lot of idea’s about ‘Open Mic night.’  So, these club owners took it away to call it their own.  But, under house gig’s, open mic nights and yeah!  So, like I definitely know Lynn Essex.”


A:  “Yeah, yeah, yes, she’s real cool.  And, Ah…”


Q:  “Oh, and by the way, you can see the re-prints of the Obscure music magazine articles I wrote on:  Big Time Music Trade .com.”


A:  “Oh really!  Oh!~  O.K., Ahhh…it’s technically…”


Q:  “Yes.”


A:  “Yeah, yeah.  Wow!  That’s crazy.”


Q:  “Yeah, because that was like before when I was sitting there thinking about doing my own music magazine and they started theirs.  So, I wrote for an Issue of ‘Egg,’ and then I started the ‘Big Time Music Trade Magazine,’ newspaper.  Ahhh…Which is re-printed on Big Time Music Mag .com.”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “But, hey!  You’re writing for, ah…You’re the guy who’s now in charge of Music Trade Magazine .com.  Do you want to talk about that for a second?”


A:  “Ah, yeah.  Well, I ah, I guess, I started ah…ah, doing a little bit of, ah…ah doing a little bit of, ah, writing, I guess and, Ummm…I got some idea’s, you know, Ummm…for different articles that I went to do.  And, ah, you told me, actually, coming aboard to do that.  So, that’s…that’s what I’m doing.”


Q:  “Now, just to make it clear and distinct, you are now in charge of all the new material that’s going on over there.”


A:  (Hearty chuckles)  “Oh, Man.”  (Chuckles.)  Yeah, So, we’re keep that rolling.”


Q:  “So, you got some Ukulele stuff to put in, some…”


A:  “Yeah, I got some Ukulele stuff.  I got some, Ahhh…some ah, drum machine stuff, synthesizer stuff, Ummm…Some, Ahhhmmm…D.J. stuff, Some Ahhmmm…you know, all kinds of stuff.  You know, Ahhhmmm…”


Q:  “How about, like, you’re going to school for ‘Music Law,’…right?”


A:  “I was, yeah…yeah, Ummm…I got my Master’s Degree in Legal Studies.  And, Ummm…I, Ahhh…I do some of that stuff too.”


Q:  “Do you want to talk about what you do with that stuff?”


A:  “Well, I…well, I just recently got my degree, so, I…I haven’t really, Ummm…Ummm…pursue that too much, yet.  I mean, there’s…I’m so bogged down with music stuff, you know.  So, I’m just like, you know.  So, I’m just like, you know, Ummm…but, yeah, you know that…that kinda got me started.  Actually, one of the reasons that I went into that is because Ummm…I was doing some music, Ahhh…this is an interesting story.  I…I was doinig some music, for, Ummm…myself, with a friend, and Ummm…we came up with a song for a local business.”


Q:  “Yeah, We’ll just leave it like that.”


A:  “Yeah.”  (Laughs) “Yeah.”


Q:  “They’re one of the advertisers on the website.”  (Note to readers:  Music Trade Magazine .com.)  So, we’re just…yeah.”


A:  “Well…”


Q:  “Right…right.”


A:  “Well, I’m just saying, I did some…Yeah, I did some music for them, And, I decided that, I was interested in, Ummm…In understanding more about, how you, Ah, go about obtaining licenses and things like that, for doing music and what not, so…so, Ahhh…you know that was one of the reasons I decided to go into, you know, legal studies.  I…I…I, it’s interesting, I was, you know, I…I…I was on the right track about, what I…What I thought was correct, but, so…yeah, that was interesting to find out.”


Q:  “How hard was it to study, ‘Legal studies?’  I mean…”


A:  “Oh my goodness, man, you’re…HA!”


Q:  “Was it like Music Theory on steroids?”


A:  “Well, it were, well, yeah!  Yeah…yeah, ‘Cuz, I mean, it’s like, it’s all…(Pause)  It’s all…it’s…(Signs in frustration.)  It’s just so much information, that you had to take in, you know, you only have so much time to do it.  You know, each class was only like 10 weeks long.  You know, ummm…and, so you…and it’s all you.  Nobody’s getting…nobody comes to you and says, ‘Heyman, wake up!  You got…You got to get busy.’  You know, ‘Hey man, did you write that thing?’  Or, ‘Where’s your letter?’  It’s like…”


Q:  “Do you have to get an associates in Law and a Bachelor’s in Law and a Master’s in Law?”


A:  “Alright, well…well, you can…well, you can go, or you can go from, Ahhh…from where ever you want, whatever background you have, with a Bachelor’s degree and go…in…in…into getting as Master’s Degree.  I’ve got a lead…I’ve got, Ummm…I do have an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration Justice.  So, yeah, I mean, You…you…you got to go through that but, you know, Anybody…you can get a Master’s Degree.  Errr…I mean, A lot of people go over tempted, it’s…I…it’s…I’m just saying…It’s really…it’s…you got…you…really…really focused.  But…but, you know, anybody can do it, I think.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “Yeah…it’s just very focused.”  (Laughs.)


Q:  “Oh my gosh, man.  So, what are you doing these days?  Are you doing anything that’s keeping you on busy mode?”


A:  “Well, right now I’m doing some work with Ummm…with producing, and I’m, you know, like trying to beats and things like that, and, as they call it.  And, Ummm…I mean I’ve been doing it forever, but, I’m just really starting to book this other…because I have some…something.  I have, Ummm…my own ideas about…If you listen to a lot of stuff that’s out there, it’s…it just sounds the same.  And I wanna, you know, I love it, some of it, a lot of it I love, but you know.  I just want to do something different.  I want to see, ‘what’s the next big thing.’  You know what I mean?”


Q:  “Alright, here’s a very big one.  Now, when you…when you…when…just music…like back in ‘our day,’ you…you…you’d sell it to a record company, and make money.  And sometimes make, ah…a whole ton of money.  Like, now-a-days, (Medium pause) you…people throwing things on ‘YouTube,’ but, you know, you’re lucky if you get so many hits, and then you make money.  Otherwise, you’re just giving out free music.  Now, what do you think about the future of making money in music?  Do you think it’s going to be like…like a Casino, where you…you…you…you…you probably not make that much money, and you’re lucky to, ‘Make it big,’ even now and then; or do you think, it’s…there’s…there’s still some avenues out there, that, if you make some music, that it could actually, you know, support yourself?”


A:  “Yeah.  That’s a good question.  There’s…there’s still some avenues out there to make…to make money.  And, I, you know, it’s funny, because, I think about this stuff all the time, and I can’t think of this thing…this stuff.  And, Ummm…I think, one of the things, sometimes, you know, like with me in my life, you get caught up in other stuff, you know…(Short pause) and you don’t pursue things straight.  And, Ahhh…and that…that causes an, Ahhh…you loose focus


a little bit, in that…in that way.  And, Ummm…you…but, if you…if you stay focused on what you’re doing, you will…you should be able to make money in music still, because, there’s the avenues are…they’re different, they’re not the same, but, they’re better, you know, in some ways.”


Q:  “Do you know an example?”


A:  “Like for example…like, you know, like, the normal way, was to go out, you know, get…’Get signed.’  You know, and you’re used…you hear people all the time now, you hear all these…these Rappers and you know, everything.  And is…it’s ‘tried and true,’ Ahhmmm…you know, you go out, you…you present your music, somebody hears you, they like and they sign you to their Label, and whatever, and…and, sell your, you know, and…and then, they sell your music, (Lightly chuckles quickly) and then, they ah, they make money; And then they might put you on the road.  Give you a certain amount of money to either do the…do the music, or to do, Ummm…you know, to, Ahhh…to…to make the music…record music, or to go on the road and do some, Ummm…What do you call that?  Ah, you know, do some ‘Touring,’ or whatever.  And, if you’re not careful with that money, that they’ve given you…you…you’re going to be in trouble, because you have to pay to the record company.  They don’t give you…It’s not just like…and you people think, you get signed, they give you, you know, a hundred, and they give you, like, ah, for instance: there’s a guy around here, who got signed, (Almost indictable chuckle.) There’s a guy around here who got signed to ah, Ummm…ah, what do you call that?  Ahhh…”


Q :  “Are you talking about that poor man get, ‘no alcohol,’ contract to signed for 3 years, the guy lives in Monmouth, and he couldn’t do anything like, drugs or anything like that, And…”


A:  “I don’t know if it’s the same one, it might be.  I…I don’t know.”


Q:  “Yeah.”


A:  “I…I know that, Ahmmm…this is with ‘P-Diddy?’”


Q:  “No!”


A:  “Oh…O.K..”


Q:  “This is, ahhh…here let me put this on pause.”  (Note to readers: tape recorder is shut off, and then turned back on.)


Q:  “So it is the same guy!  (Laughs.)  And, ahhh…”


A:  “Well, yeah.”


Q:  “We just won’t mention his name.”


A:  “Yeah, you know, so, I mean…you know, they…he…or…or…and it’s not, you know, what…what, the…”


Q:  “And, it was like a million dollars, you know.”


A:  “See, I don’t know how much he got.”


Q:  “Alright.”


A:  “I know it was a bunch of money.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “But, the point is…is that…you don’t just get that money, and it’s…it’s free and clear, you know.  You’re…you’re ‘signed,’ and you know, whatever.  You have to put in work.  And, even this guy, I mean, you can…if you go and look at all his stuff, you know, he’s…he’s put in a lot of work.  You know what I mean?  But, (quick pause.)  Ummm…But, you owe, well, in this, case: ‘P-Diddy,’ I guess you know, you owe ‘P-Diddy,’ you owe him that money back!  You know, he didn’t just give it to you for nothing.  So, you have to, you know, and…and…the way you earn that back is, by you know, doing something, producing something, and…and they put it out for you, or whatever, and, you make money at…if that earns money, (medium pause,)  you know, you might get a little piece of that; or you might not get anything from that.  You…you…your payment might of…depending on your contract, your payment could be $50,000.  That’s what we pay you, but we give you an advance, or $900,000.  You  know what I mean?  And that…that goes into, you know: ‘You need to look the part,’ so you need to get cloths.  You need to…you need to get a, you know…you know professional pictures done.  You need to do all this stuff, you know.  You know, make a studio, or pay somebody, Ummm…to record your music, or whatever, and, you…you…you’re responsible for that money.  It’s…It’s a loan.”


Q:  “Wheww!”


A:  “It’s a loan.  And…and you don’t…you can’t pay it back, the…(pause)  you know, they own you…you know, they own you.  And they own you anyway, because, when you signed it away, you get that little bit of money, and then, what if…what if P-Diddy said:  ‘Well, you know, it’s not going in the right direction.  You know, I…I don’t…I like your sound, it sounds great, Ahhmmm…you got…you got…I think you got a hit song here, but, I’ve got this other girl whose coming out first.  So, I want her to come out first, and then…and then I’ll bring you out.’  And then all of a sudden, this girl blows up like, ‘Whoa!’ She’s like, you know, Beyonce now.  And so, ‘Ahhh, yeah, I’m really working with this girl right now.  I don’t think.  I got another guy I think wants to come in, that I want to bring in, to work with her.  I was going to bring you in, but, I…I think she’s way, past where you’re at.’”


Q:  (Laughs.)


A:  “You know what I mean?”


Q:  “Yeah.”


A:  “So, there you are, sitting there.  You’re still sitting there…you’re still sitting there, waiting on ‘whatever.’  And, it’s happened to people who have been stars.  Like, there’s this girl in Boston, I think her name is, ‘Jo-Jo,?’  Ahhhmmm… Ahhh…She…she…I mean, she had a bunch of hit songs out there.  Like, on the radio, Ahhh…videos, whatever.  Hit songs, out there.  She was young.  And then, they just kinda dropped her off.  They just kinda like, she was making…making music, making tons of songs and stuff, but they never…they didn’t really promote her anymore.  You know, and I’m like, ‘What?’ because I kept saying, ‘When’s the next Jo-Jo album coming out?’  And…and then, I saw her on ‘You-Tube,’ and she’s like: ‘Yeah…’ and she’s like: ‘I’m waiting on this…I’m waiting on this.  Hopefully, this is going to come out.  We’ll see what happens.’  And you know, they just continue to work.  And, all the work that they do, they just keep creating songs.  Like, all the songs that all the songs that are out, like, somebody said, Ahhh… to me they’re like: ‘How is it that, Ummm…Tu-Pac, has all these songs,’ you know what I mean or whatever.  Well, when you work for, and…and I don’t know about, in his situation, but, in…in the normal way of doing business, when you work for, ahmmm…ah, a record company, people think you just go home and sit, you know, you do your stuff, you go on your tour, you go sit down at home, and you’re just sitting there, well, that’s not true.

     You’re in the studio.  They might want you in the studio 5 days a week.  And you’re pumping out songs…pumping out songs, and they’re just achieving it… achieving it.  And maybe it’s something they want, maybe it’s not anything they want.  Who knows?  You know: ‘I…don’t like it, I…don’t like it.’  It could be a number one song, and then they may take that song, and then they may take that song, (medium pause,) and show it to, ahhh…you knmow, to Ummm…(medium pause,)  I don’t know, Beyonces’ people, and they’re like:  ‘Ohhh…yeah, I like this, Yup!  Hey, go ahead and take it.  That will be $500,000.’  Well, should they pay them the money for that music, because the record company owns it and they just made money.  They just made $500,000, off of your singing for them, and you know what I mean, all in this advanced thing that you did.”


Q:  “Right.” 





A:  “You know, I mean, and I’m telling you, it’s ah, and that’s why people are so mad.   You know, it’s and…was it?  ‘T.L.C.?’”


Q:  “Yeap.”


A:  “That’s…the…the…they own…they needed, Ummm…they made, ah, they were have the number one…ahhh…record, and thee, Ummm…and sold the most record, of course, I didn’t realize, and I kinda still was like: ‘Really?  Are you sure about that?’  But yeah, they sold the most records of anybody during that time.  I don’t know how many millions of copies or records they sold, but, just…it was…they were like, they top of…throughout all music, you know.  And I was like, ‘O.K., that’s weird,’ you know, they were just the biggest pop-stars.  And they were traveling all over the place, and everything.  And, they were…they, went bankrupt.  Because, (Medium pause,)  that…the contracts.  You see, the way they do them is, you know, you have to pay this money back, and…and, I didn’t know what it said, but, it might have said, they get 1%, of the…of the, total sales, of these albums: Which is probably not even close.  I don’t know, but, 1%.  But the thing is…they did…they missed it…They may have mismanaged the money that they had.  Ummm…because you don’t know.  You know…”


Q:  “You’re like…you don’t realize your contract and so you’re out there, buying stuff and…because…if like in Hip-Hop music, you got to, it’s…you know, depending on the path you follow, you have the ‘Bling,’ as they say.  You have to have the gold, and the diamonds, and the, you know, and you have to have the right cloths.  You can’t be wearing the same pants every day, and all that kind of stuff, you know.  

      In Rock dude, you know, you can just, you know, Heh!  Go buy a new pair of pants and that’s it.  And get up on stage with no shirt on and great, you’re golden.  You might have to get a new guitar or new strings or something.”


Q:  “Right, right, right.”


A:  “But, you know, in ‘Hip-Hop,’ and all that stuff, you keep making it bigger, ‘cuz the next person in line is, you know, he’s got a bigger chain than you.  He’s got more ‘bling,’ or whatever, you know.”


Q:  “It’s like Generals and Privates in the Army.”


A:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So, you, so, so, you’re buying all this stuff, with the money that you have.  Trying to keep up and buy a house.  You got to have a house to go to.  You know, and all that stuff, but then, you know, how…you know, you got to pay for this stuff.  You know, unless you’re Ummm…and, and, you might be making a good amount of money in tours.  But, at the same time, with a tour, they

advance you all this money, and if you don’t…if your tour doesn’t…sell a lot, then you know, you don’t make any of that money back.  And… or you might already owe that money.”


Q  :  “Yeah, I’ve seen…I’ve seen video’s of, Ahhh…Ah, ‘Hip-Hop,’ Artists.  They show the…they show the house … nice house.  Got a pool and stuff.”


A:  “Yup.”


Q:  “They show the recording studio, and it’s this little tiny room, with a mattress.  And it’s like…(pause.)”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “Why you’ve got…If this is how you make your money, why is this like the smallest room in the house, and what’s that pool doing outside?”


A:  “Right!”


Q:  “But, yet you’re doing recordings, in this house.”


A:  “Exactly!  That’s the thing, you know, people don’t understand that.  And, the thing is…is they’re going to get you to go to their studio…their studio guys anyway, ‘cuz they have like top of the line studio guys.  So, they’re going to want you to bring your stuff there anyways.  So, if you…it’s like, it makes sense for you to learn, how to…how to use that equipment.  You know what I mean?  Ummm…and that’s one good thing about the new equipment that they have out there, is that, you can do a lot of stuff like that.  You can get…you can pack, you know, get rough idea’s on what you’re doing.  Ummm…and when you get signed to a record company, you…you really…you’re working.  It’s not…It’s no…It’s not fun time, as everybody thinks it is.  (Going into a semi-Tommy Chong type of voice, from Cheech and Chong Fame:)  ‘Rock and Roll Man.’  (Back to normal voice:)  You know and they travel around in a bus…And…you know…and sing, ah…you know, ‘Elton John,’ and whatever, and…(chuckles)  you know and they’re make a movie about us.  That’s not how it’s…it might happen, you know.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “You know, if you get to be, Ummm…Paul McCartney, you know, or somebody, or…or…you know, then you can decide what you’re going to do, but…(pause)  until then, you know, you…”


Q:  “So, these days, the music corporations really have it down to a business, right down to the last penny.”


A:  “Oh yeah, dude.”


Q:  “No matter how many tracks, you just pretty much, like:  ‘We own you, you’re gonna have to work from sun-up to sun down and I got it already because, it’s in…it’s in the contracts.’”


A:  “yeap…exactly.  So, you’re stuck…you’re stuck at whatever they decide, you know, and Ahhh…(pause)  you know, I don’t know.  I mean, I…I would…I…when you talk about today’s, Ummm…you know, what you can do today, I mean there’s so much you can do on your own.  Ah, if you, you know, you can…you can, put out a decent sounding record on your own, you know.  It’s not going to sound like Bruce Springsteen…”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “Because, you know, Bruce Springsteen uses, ah, ahhhmmm, the guy down in Portland here.”


Q:  “To master the stuff.”


A:  “yeah, to master his stuff, I mean, you’re…you’re not going to get that sound at home.  I don’t care how many…how…you can…all you…you can do it until you’re blue in the face, you’re never gonna get that sound at home.  (Heartily Chuckles.)  Ahhh, with what we have available to us.  Unless you pay the money to buy that stuff.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “When you…when you…you pay the money for those programs, and…for those…for that equipment, oh yeah, you can get that sound.  You know, I mean…(medium pause.)…I mean, and…and some experience too, you know.  You…you can get that sound, or close to it.  But, Ummm…”


Q:  “So, how do you think people will be able to make money these days?”


A:  “Well, (medium pause.)  there…you know, there’s a bunch of ways you can do it.  There’s…like, Ummm…and there’s:  ‘Well, why aren’t you doing anything, if…if you know so much about it?  Why aren’t you doing it?’  You know, and it’s…and it’s…”


Q:  “Because it’s a gamble…right?”


A:  “Well, it’s…it’s no more than a gamble…it’s no more than a gamble, than, Ahhh…going to College and getting a degree and…and, hoping you’re going to get a job.  You know what I mean?”


Q:  “With today’s price tag in Colleges, that’s quite a gamble.  It’s no more, you know, it’s the same as that.  It’s, ah…everything’s a gamble, but, you got to, you know, get out there and do something, but…the…the…you know, the gamble…it’s like…you know, I’m gonna…I…I…I’m a great Basketball player and I’m gonna get a, get ah, Ummm…Ahhh…work…I’m going to work in the N.B.A.!  I mean, that’s a gamble.  You know, you…(short chuckle.)

I mean…the…all the…If you look at…Even if you look at future deals or whatever, you can see these kids.  I saw a 9 year old kid, (pause,) that was just doing amazing, (pause,) ah, ball handling and you know, all of this stuff, could shoot and you know, he’s 9 years old; And I mean, he’s running through people.  He’s running around and looking like, ah, you know, Michael Jordan.  You know and it’s…it’s amazing.  And, Ummm…then I saw him again, at like 14.  You know, because they…they put these video’s on.  And, he, I… I think he’s…I think he’s in High school now.  But, he’s (pause,) Super Incredible!  You know what I mean?  But, that doesn’t mean he’s gonna get into the N.B.A..  You know, I’m sure he’ll get into College.  I’m sure he has a better shot than most people; but, you know, he started at 4 years old.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “You know.  Then he’s 9, then he’s 14.  You know, then he’s going be in College.  He’s been doing it all his life, you know, so, he’s got all this practice.  You know, you bust your hand, and you’re out.  You bust your mat…your knee or your…you’re out…It’s done, you know.  So, (medium pause.)  in the music business, you know, Is…It’s a gamble, Ummm…like that, but, if you’re doing it yourself, you can, like you said, there’s avenues on…there’s ‘You Tube.’  You can…you can work like that.  You can work at, Ummm…Ummm…You know, just producing your own stuff, getting a following, and then…and then…having people support you.  Ahhh…you know, if you do it right, people will support you, you know, and…don’t look at…you know, don’t look at, ahhh…A million record sales man.  You know what I mean?  Look at, you know, Ahhh…two thousand record sales.”


Q:  “Right!  You know, O.K…. Augusta:  Do you know how many bands, you’ve probably seen the bands, you think: ‘They are going to be the next big thing nationally.’”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “And they ‘Fizz-out,’ and they never going anywhere.”


A:  “Right!”


Q:  “At all.”


A:  “Right!  Absolutely!  I mean, most of those bands, went the avenue of the record company.  Ahhh…that…what I…what I was telling you about earlier, about, Ummm…Ahhh…having a band come in.”


Q:  “Yeah.”


A:  “When I was D.J.’ing.  And…and, I got there and the band was there and like, they were setting up, and I was like:  ‘What’s going on here?’  They went to Memphis.  Ahhh…or, Tennessee, I mean, or whatever, or…Is that right?  Memphis?”  (Long pause.)  


Q:  “Was it a Country Band, or something?”


A:  “Country- Rock band.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “And…and, an excellent Country-rock band, by the way.  I mean…(medium to long pause.)  Yeah.  I mean, they…they…they’re…they…(Quick pause.)  I…I could see them being…Ahhh…you know, right…right on (quick pause,) Country Music Awards.  –Easy!  Ahmmm…and they went down there to do some stuff and they only wanted…I think they wanted the lead singer guy.”


Q:  “Wheww!!”


A:  “And…and, you know, and, Ahhh…but they ‘fizzled.’  I haven’t heard a word.  I mean, I think they might still be around, and playing stuff. And, very successful still, as a band, but not like you know, National, like recognition or nothing.  And they deserved it, and…and they sounded fantastic.  And, Ummm…but, you know, you just don’t know.  You…(pause.) you think it’s going to happen, but, it doesn’t.  And, Ummm…Ahhh…you know, Like the dude…and the guy we were talking about earlier.  I mean, (Long pause.)  I mean:  ‘Man!’  Your…Your…your…”


Q:  “Yeah, and didn’t he have a hit number one song or something like that?”


A:  “I…I don’t.”


Q:  “Or at least the Top Ten.”


A:  “AAhhhsssttt.  I don’t know.  I don’t know about that.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “I just know that…I just know that…(Quick pause.) the opportunity was right there.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “And you…and it’s (pause) and, now, I don’t know that…(medium pause.)  He didn’t work that, or some…I don’t know what.  Something didn’t happen.  I don’t know.  But, you know, Even…even so through, that particular.  (pause)  Like even, my friend, I have friends that…that I was doing music with or what not.  And they…they see that, and they’re like:  (Going back into Tommy Chong type of voice.)  ‘Wow…man…yeah…man…wow…’(Back to normal voice.) ‘That’s exactly, what I want to do.’  You know what I mean?  You know I was like:  ‘What do you want to do?  Do you wanna…(Quick pause)  Do you want to meet Jay-Z, or you wanna, Errrr…to be, Ahhhh…you know, are you…wanna get this record deal or…what is it you’re looking for here?  You know what I mean?  Because, you know, is it…is it really exciting because this guys is getting handed money, from Jay-Z, or…or P-Diddy or whatever.  (Pause.)  And is that what’s exciting, or is it, you know, because, you gotta…you gotta, put it right in your mind, you know;’cuz some people are just like: ‘Wow!  (quick pause)  You know, ‘Wow! Jay-Z!’  You know:  “I talked to Jay-Z, man.  (Excited tone of voice for emphasis.)  ‘I was talking to Jay-Z, man!’  (Back to regular voice.)  Or, you know, P-Diddy or whoever and, ‘Ahhh!’  You know, they get all excited, but really, Ahhhmmm…that’s really that’s really what it is.  I mean…I mean you got to put it into perspective.  You know what I mean?  You got to understand what you’re signing.  You know?”


Q:  “So, Ahhh…What do you think about the future of Maine, music wise?  Do you think it just doesn’t have the population to support a lot of things music wise?  ‘Cuz, the population is so low, the transportation system stinks, or do you think it actually might be, you know, go somewhere, so it will support more people?”


A:  “Well,  (Medium pause,) it…that’s…that’s a double edge…I don’t know for sure.  I know that, I…I would like to see something happen and I wanna…I’d like to work on something, see something happen, but, Ummm…I don’t know.  You know, it’s Ummm…it…it…really, the population is really…you know, we don’t have any kind of, Ummm…(pause) any real avenue, that people…”


Q:  “Except for the computer.”


A:  “Except for the computer, right.  You know and it’s…that’s a good avenue, but you know, that’s about it.  You know like, What you got?  Who…Who we got?  Spouse?  You know?  And he’s, Ahhh…pretty popular guy.  And he’s, ah, you know, he’s doing, what he’s doing.  He’s surviving!  And, he’s, Ahhh…And, he’s got some Na…some (pause) National recognition, but even though…”


Q:  “He turned his back on the record, (Medium pause) Ahhh…corporations through.”


A:  “Right!”


Q:  “From what I hear.”


A:  “’Cuz, he knows what I’m talking about.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “I’m sure of it.  You know, he knows that you can’t be, you know, he…he doesn’t want to be a slave to that.  He wants to be able to be free to do what he wants, he wants to be able to have that, you know, control of what he’s doing.  That’s the other thing…control, like, maybe your…maybe your Rap.  You’re doing Rap music and the next thing, you turn around and…and you’re putting out a Madonna album.  And it’s like, ‘Whoa!  Whoa guy!  What happened?  When did?  I don’t under…’  ‘The record company said that they wanted this.  They like this sound better.  So, now you’re doing this.’  And then it fails, and then they just drop you off.  You know.  They don’t want nothing to do with you.”


Q:  “Now, if you…If they drop you off before you pay them back; do you still owe that company money and stuff?  Like, do you have to get a day time job or…”


A:  “It depends on your contract.”


Q:  “Wow!!!!”


A:  “Yeah, man.”


Q:  “So, you mean like…”


A:  “I mean, well…well they won’t like, …and what they won’t do is, they won’t like…they won’t just drop you and…and…and…they will…you still work…you’re still …(pause.)  You still have the record deal.  But, you…you owe that money back.  Ummm…but then they won’t let you record.  Or they’re let you record, but they won’t…they…they…they go:  ‘Awww…we don’t like this.’  So, they keep you.  Like I was trying to tell you before, they just keep you, going into the studio and they say:  ‘Well, sing this.  Ahhhmmm…Rap this.’  Well…or, you know, and…and like they get a singer.  Oh my goodness!  ‘Sing this…sing this,’ and so you just continue to sing track…sing track.  And then they got a really good singer right?  It’s work comes at a really good singer.  They’re got songs own.  And, all they have to do…’cuz, this is another part of their business, is to take that money…or take that record, and shop it around to different…different artists.  And they say:  ‘Ooohhh!  You like this song?’  (Changes tone of voice.)  ‘Ah!  I like that song, yeah!’”


Q:  “So, that the musicians doesn’t even get paid for that song that they’re selling.”


A:  “No…no…no…no.  See, ‘cuz that what happens, like songwriter makes a ton of money.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “ ‘Cuz the songwriter, writes the songs.  And he sells…and he…he sells his song to the record company.  The record company buys his song, writes his song, Ummm…Ahhh…you know, ‘cuz, you see they heard her on a Demo.  And then, but the demo, the girls O.K., but she’s not that good.  So, we have ah, really great girl that we found, so, we are going to put her on there.  And then we…we’re going to shop it to, (pause to think,)  Miranda Lambert, and she goes:  ‘Yeah, I like that.”


Q:  “So, the person who sang it, the second person, who sang it.”


A:  “yeah, that’s you.  ‘Cuz you…that’s you ‘cuz you work for the record company.”


Q:  “Do you get paid for that, or do you?”


A:  “No, you don’t make nothing.  You don’t make money for that.”


Q:  “You don’t even get money taken off your bill?”


A:  “Ahhh…No, because this…this…that…that…that’s not, (quick pause,)  see your…it depends on your record…what…what your contract is.”


Q:  “Ah-Ha.”


A:  “I’m telling you, those contracts are no joke.  (Quick pause.)  They can have you working for them, usually a record contract is like 10 years.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “So, they can have you working for them, for 10 years…you know, just doing  this stuff.  I mean, you know, day in and day out.  You know what I mean?  Ummm…”


Q:  “But how does a musician p[ay their bills?”


A:  “Well, they…they got an advance.  They got…’I got a 5 million dollar record deal.  So, I got 5 million dollars.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “So, (pause,)  if their record, you know, is right, you know, some of that, Ummm…work that they did, the studio work, Ummm…will come off…it will come off their bill money.”


Q:  “So, what if it was only like a hundred thousand dollar contract?”


A:  “Yeah, a hundred thousand dollar contract, or something like that, you know, you…(pause,) you know, sometimes they just write you off.  ‘cuz it’s…it’s just nothing.  You know, they know they’re not going to get that money back, or ah…”


Q:  (Whistles in a long tonality.)


A:  “But you…but you sign a contract, with them for 3 years, so if you put out anything…say, you take that money, and they just let…let you go, and you take that, you bought…you were smart, you bought a bunch of equipment, Ahhh…Blah, blah, blah, and you promote your own stuff and whatever.  So, you get out there, and do all that stuff.  (Medium pause.)  Ahhhmmm…your contract probably says something like, Ahhmmm…you know, P. Diddy again; all it takes, you know, owns 75% of that, you know.  So, you go ahead and make a bunch of money, (pause.) and you put out the record.  Now, they’ve made more money on…on, ah, that hit record that you guys sold a million copies.  (Pause,) They…they made more money, than they paid you.”


Q:  “Mmmmnnn!”


A:  “You know what I mean?  And not only that, because it wasn’t through them…you…you went out on your own, you did something, you have to pay them, that money.  Ah, you…you still owe them a hundred thousand dollars.  You know what I mean?  Now!  At that point, you can…you got a hundred thousand dollars…you probably made off that record.  Well, whatever, you know.  So, what is it?  Like ah, you sell a million copies, Ten Million dollars.  You know what I mean?  So, you still have, Ahhh…you still Ahhhmmm…What a million dollars left?  Or, no…or you still have like, I don’t know, Three million, four million dollars left.  So, that kinda worked out for you.  You know what I mean?”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “You can pay…You can pay off your…get out of your contract, or pay your…fulfill your contract, or whatever.  But, your contract might say, ‘In order to get out of the contract, you owe us, (pause,) two million dollars.’  It…I mean…It…it…it can…those contracts, I’m telling you man, that’s the only reason why I wanted to go to school to learn some of that stuff, because those contracts are like…I mean, they’re ‘Iron clad,’ and they’re…they’re written, and there is…they may say all this stuff in the beginning.  When you’re reading, ‘Yeah!  I like that!  Ohhh!  I like that.  Yeah!  Eeerrnntt!  Yeah, I’m…I’m going to sign this!  Dooo, Daaa,  Doo, Doo, Da.  (Note to readers:  Last sentence signifies a sound effect for signing a name on a contract.)  And give ya, Five million dollars, or Ten Million, or one million, or whatever.  And then…but, you didn’t read the rest of it.  And everything on that, that, said in the beginning, (medium pause.)  by, you doing one thing, you know, ‘wrong,’ and everybody does something wrong, you know.  It might be that you…you spoke to the media, when you weren’t suppost to.  Ahhh…so, you spoke to the media, So, now that contract right down here, is…is completely changed to, a new contract, which is on page 7, and the new contract says:  you have to do, this and this, and this, and this, and this, and this.’  And you…you can just loose that money.  And, you know, or…or, you could lose, you know, now you owe us, 3 more years, or it’s…it’s really…”


Q:  (Whistles loudly.)


A:  “You have to have a Lawyer, when you…before you…any of those things…(pause,) You know?”


Q:  “So, like ahhh…like, Prince, he was all ticked off at the record companies.”


A:  “Mmmn-hunn.”


Q:  “He quit, and then he ended up making more money on his own.”


A:  “Right!”


Q:  “And the highest paying artist.”


A:  “Right.”


Q:  “And it’s like, ‘How the heck did that happen?”


A:  “Well…well, see that’s…that’s the thing.  That’s one of the reasons why…he was ah, the Artist formally known as Prince, you know.  And then he was just the…the…that symbol.  Because, he was like, ‘O.K….(pause,)  I’m…(pause,) you want to play?  Let’s play.’  You know, so, he…now he…he started coming out with all that nasty music that he was doing.  (Quick pause,) Ah, that’s all…(pause,) because, you know, he was in a contract.  He…they wouldn’t let him out of his contract.  Whatever they were doing.  They knew who they had, and, they’re not recognizing another contract, you know, giving him all this stuff.  So, he started doing that and finally he got out of that contract.  Ahhhmmm…’Ice-T,’ (medium pause) same thing.  ‘Body Count,’ ‘Body Count,’ You know, it…(chuckles,) the…that, you know, you remember that happened, you know?”


Q:  “It’s called ‘Cop-Killer.”


A:  “Yeah, ‘Cop-Killer,” yeah.  So, all that stuff…the reason he…he did that album…well, I mean, I don’t know if…if he had some other artistic stuff, but…but, one of the reasons he did that album…was to…he was in a contract, he wanted to get out of.”


Q:  “Ahhhhh!!!”


A:  “Any anyhow…”


Q:  “And he got out of his contract and went into acting.”


A:  “That, well, yeah, but now…(quick pause,) now, like, you know, that…that’s not that, you know, the music’s like: ‘Errern.’  You know, I’ve heard worst.  You know what I mean?  But, back then, you haven’t heard of anything.  Controversy: ‘Cop Killer.’  You know, Ummm…and there was this one song where they were talking about, (pause,) you know, Ah, again it was like, ahhhh…ahhh…(Doing an Ice T Impersonation:)  ‘And I put the girl in…in the trash bags,’ and you know, ‘Chopped her up and put her in trash bags,’ and all this stuff.  And…all, I mean the music, it was just like, (medium pause.)  Really, like violent, and…and terrible (quick pause,) you know, but, (pause,) he’s got out of his contract. (Brief chuckle.) You know, it’s like:  ‘O.K., we’re releasing you from your contract,’ you know.  And that was cool man.  That…that’s not necessary going to work today.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “You know what I mean?  You know.”


Q:  “So, you really got to know your contracts.”


A:  “Yeah, know your stuff man, (pause,) you know.  Or, if you don’t know it, you got to get a Lawyer, you know.”


Q:  “Mmm-nnnt!”


A:  “You know…even me, I…even…I would get a Lawyer to look over.”


Q:  “Even though you got a Master’s Degree?”


A:  “Yeah, absolutely man!  (Medium pause,)  Absolutely.  They got a team of people looking at that stuff and you know, look.  ‘Do, da,Da,Da,Da,Da,Da.’  (imitating 80’s computer keyboard sound effects.)  You know?  Absolutely.  (Pause.)  You know…I…I got…I got a good idea and ah, you know I can, you know, but I’m not a Lawyer.  So, you, you, you really…”


Q:  “So, what do you have to do to be a Lawyer?  Since you have a Master’s Degree.”


A:  “Well…”


Q:  “What?”


A:  “Well…”


Q:  “Do you take a test?”


A:  “No…you…you got to go…you got to go to ah, well…what I got, is different.  Now like, when go to, Ummm…(long pause,)  If you wanna…If you want to be a lawyer, you got to go to (Quick pause,) Law School.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “So, I…(medium pause,)  the difference in the degree that I have…like, if you go to, ah, like, if you go to Harvard, let’s say, you know, you get everything.  You get all of it.  You get the (pause)  you get all of that stuff.  What I did is…Is I when…I…I…I thought it was (quick pause) a stepping stone to what I was doing.  But…but…a lot of people that were in the class that I was in, (quick pause) were already Lawyers.  So, I’m getting my Master’s Degree, and along with people who are already Lawyers.  So, I was like: ‘What’s going on here?’ Well, what I didn’t realize is that, the degree that I got was more of an intellectual degree.”


Q:  “Oh-O.K..”


A:  “To explaining and…and…and…and telling all, that you know, everything about law and…and you know…you know, what it is and how it works and everything else like that.  And I learned all the information (quick pause.) you know, but then when you go to get your Law degree, (pause.) you’re learning the procedures and what…what you need to know to be in Court.  And how to, you know, (pause,) Ummm…you know, to…be precise and…because if you don’t…you don’t…it’s like, it’s like being a Doctor you know.  It’s…with these documents, that you have to, I mean, you have to be, ‘just so.’ You know, and if it’s not, they’re kick it back to you.  And if they kick it back a few times, then, they’re…they’re have you reviewed by The Bar and if you can’t get it right, you’re done.  I mean, all that work and you’re done.”


Q:  “Whsshhh!”


A:  “Just like that.  You know, So, (pause,) yeah, it’s…it’s tough.  Ummm…but, Ahhh…”


Q:  “So, have you ever thought about getting work in videos and movies?”


A:  “Yeah!  Yeah!  I definitely, Ummm…Ahhh…Ummm…Chris Walters?  You know who that is?”


Q:  “Sounds familiars but…”


A:  “Yeah, he’s…he’s working in town.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “And he, ah, does ah…he has, Ummm…(medium pause,)  I…I don’t…I’m not…yeah, it’s right here in town.  And he does, Ummm…”


Q:  “Is he the guy that does those Zombie flicks?”


A:  “Zombie…I don’t…he did, ah…he did, ahhmmm…”


Q:  “Like years ago.  Like maybe ten…”


A:  “I don’t…I’m not sure about that.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “But, I know that he did some…he did a couple of flicks, ah, recently.  Ahhhmm, just look up Chris Walters productions.  You know?”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “And you’re see, ahhmmm, some stuff that he’s done, and he’s…he’s got, ah, (pause,) you know he’s got a big project he’s been working on.  I’m not sure exactly about what it concerns, but, he’s also doing, Ummm…(pause,) ah, he did something called the ‘Jim Jones Juice.’”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “I don’t know if you heard about that.  And then he did, ‘Jim Jones Juices II.’  Ahhhmmm…and he did, ah, I can’t remember the name of this movie he just did.  It was like, ah…it was like, ah…like, ah, Gangster type movie.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “Ummm…you know, and…and…and, ah,…and he’s got…and he’s got, you know, (Note to readers:  two inaudible words were spoken here.)  and everything, you know, and, Ummm…”


Q:  “Did he film one down, like in the, Ummm…the…the…the Grand Canyon area, or something like that?  And, like the South West?”


A:  “He might have, I don’t know.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “I don’t know.  Because he’s…he’s done some stuff I’ve never seen.  Ummm…and, ah, and then I worked with, ah, I was in a couple of his things that he was doing.  Ahhmmm…’The Jim Jones Juice II,’ and…and…and…ah, we did something, ahmmm…ah, it was, ah, Webseries called, Ummm…(Medium pause,)  Ahhhgggrrr…what is that called?  It’s called, Ummm…I can’t think of it right now, but, Ummm…”


Q:  “Is it on You Tube or Amazon?”


A:  “It’s on You Tube, Yup.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “Chris Walters Productions, you’ll see it.  Yeah, I think, Ummm…(pause,) And, Ahhh…yeah, and we were…we did it all down there…down the street here, (Note to readers: The City of Hallowell.)  and up at the University and all over the place.  And, ah, we did that last year.”


Q:  “So, did you do a ‘sound tracks,’ for that movie?”

A:  “I didn’t do any music for that movie.  I was…I was trying to get some, ahhhmmm…(pause) to do some music stuff, but, ah, they…they pretty much…it was (pause) the way they did it was like, ah, T.V. show you know what I mean?”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “So, it was kinda like, ahhh…(medium pause) you know, half hour thing, 50 minute thing.  Yeah, it was…it’s pretty interesting.  (Long pause) You know.  So, I don’t.  I…and that was a quick thing, and it took, I think he…it was 21…21 days, of shooting.”


Q:  “Wow!  For Once…one episode of show?”


A:  “It…it was not, ahhhh…one episode, they did…they did like…”


Q:  “13?”


A:  “13 or so, yeah.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “There was supposed to be 18.  I don’t know if they scrapped that and make another.”


Q:  (Whistles.)


A:  “I don’t know.  I haven’t heard anything more about it, so…(pause) but, ahhh…I was in 2 of the episodes.  But, Ahhh…yeah, that’s pretty cool.  (Chuckles.)  Yeah, so, I…I…I’ve done that, and, Ummm…I got some other stuff, like, Ummm…Ummm…I think about stuff like…I got to start writing these things down…”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “…You know what I mean?  (Chuckles.)  ‘Cuz, you think about it, you’re like:  ‘What was that I was thinking about?  Ah, never mind.’  You know what I mean?”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “Right.”


Q:  “So, do you have any plans with the words you took?”


A:  “Ahhh…just…just right now, I’m just, ahhhh…I’m just trying to do some, ahhhmmm…(pause) do some production stuff.  I…I…I got a couple of…of…well, I got a project that I’m…I’m working on, ahhh…and ahhh…well, I don’t…I don’t know all the details yet, so, I don’t want to say yet, but…”


A:  “O.K..”


Q:  “But I got…but, Ummm…I’m working on something that should be, (quick pause) pretty interesting…(pause) pretty interesting and ahhh…yeah.”


Q:  “How are people going to hear about it in the future?”


A:  “How will they hear about it?”


Q:  “Right.  When after, you’re done with it.”


A:  “After I do it, oh.  You’re hear it and you’re hear about it through (quick pause) Face book, You Tube…(chuckles.)”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “You know.  Ummm…Maybe the local news.”


Q:  “Wow!”


A:  “Ahhh…”


Q:  “You going to star in a movie?”


A:  “No…no…no…it’s…it’s…well, No!  No!  It’s now a movie.  It’s not a movie.  It’s ahhh…”


Q:  “And it’s not…(whistles.) it’s not going to be a movie and you really think it’s going to hit the news?”


A:  “I hope so!  You know, that kind of thing, you know.  We’ll see…we’ll see what happens, you know.  You know, and it…it’ll…you know, people will…people be…some people will be mad, some people will be glad, some people will be really mad.”


Q:  “Wow!!”


A:  “Yeah, ‘cuz they just ahhh…”


Q:  “And it’s got nothing to do with film?”


A:  “No.  I mean…it…unless…unless…unless a film comes of it, you know…”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “…Or something like that.”


Q:  “Is it business trade, music or is it something else?”


A:  “I…music…music and ahhhmmm…and Ummm…ahhh…(pause) maybe videos and somethings, you know, stuff like that.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “Well, I don’t know yet!  See…that’s…that’s why I didn’t want to say.  I’m like:  ‘Errrrr.’”


Q:  “O.K., alright…alright…alright…I hear ya.  Now, O.K…..”


A:  “But yeah…But yeah, you know…you know?  (Pause) I’m sure it will be in ah, (medium pause) I’m sure ‘Big Time,’ will cover it.”


Q:  “Definitely.  Anyway, ah, do you got anything else, ‘cuz, I’m late…I’m late for another interview.”


A:  “Oh really?”


Q:  “Yeah.”  (Laughs.)


A:  “(Laughs.)  Ahhh…no…no man, I…I…I believe that’s pretty much it, you know!  Ahhh…I think, Ummm…you know…you know, ah, all I can say is, ah, you know, if…if  you’re going to be a ‘D.J.,’ for sure, you know…you know, try to learn a little bit about it, before you go out there and just, ‘do it.’  I mean, these bedroom, ‘D.J.’s,’ are…are messing it up.  The money is just, like, what you were getting at before, about the money.  It’s, Ummm…it’s terrible.”


Q:  “It’s drying up.”


A:  “It’s drying up.  I mean, you know, and it’s just…it shouldn’t be.  Because, if you think about it, the band…”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “Ah, band gets paid, you know, a decent amount of money.  You know, sometimes they don’t get paid enough, but, if they…that not enough money, that they get paid id enough for a ‘D.J..  You know, 400Bucks is enough for a ‘D.J.’ and if you’re going to pay them, and yet the place is just as packed…(medium pause) you know…(pause) what’s the problem?”


Q:  “Do you think, Ahhh…Ahhh…(pause.) I always have…sometimes I have this discussion, but, the computer age…If people are staying home more often, do you think it could be because of that?”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “And it it as addictive as to feel like it’s an electronic form of heroin?”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “And they’re just like: ‘Well I’m not going out to the Bar and spend, when I can just, (quick pause) stay home and…entertain myself with this computer?  Because I could put some Korean ‘K-pop,’ music on; and just sit home and chill and stuff like that.  Instead of going to a Bar where people are going to get into a fight.’  And do you think that’s…(pause) with all the technology, some might be hampering the entertainment business, because, you know, back in ‘our day,’ we didn’t have computers.”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “You…had to go out and to night clubs and get some entertainment.”


A:  “Yeah.”


Q:  “Because, that was only like 5 T.V. stations, and like…you know…”


A:  “I don’t…I don’t…I don’t think so.  I think that people who want to go out and…and…and have a good time out, still do.  And I…I think that, Ummm…”


Q:  “Even if it’s economics, ‘cuz, the…the job situations so bad, that you just probably end up, like, they can’t go out and spend 100 bucks on a weekend like they used to.”


A:  “Now, I don’t think so, I…’cuz I see people do it all the time.  I…well, I…I recently ‘D.J.’ed’ for, Ahhh…a place, ah, (pause) out in, ah, Gardiner, you know, and, Ahhh…’The Bench,’ (pause) And there was, Ummm…”


Q:  “A sports Bar?”


A:  “Yeah, a sports Bar.”


Q:  “O.K..”


A:  “Yeah, and, Ahhh…(chuckle lightly)  anyway, I…I ‘D.J.ed’ there, and it was…there was people coming in there, (quick pause) and they were dropping (long pause) I mean, not a lot of money, because there was only, like say, 5 people there.”


Q:  “Right.”


A:  “  But, Ahhh…but, yeah, they dropped money, (medium pause,) and I’m…I’m like ‘Oh my god dude!’  And one guy was paying for all these girls’ drinks.  People who were just coming in, they don’t…he don’t know…he doesn’t know these people, and…and towards the end of the night, he just picked up their tab, you know.  And it was like, you know 40 Bucks a piece.”


Q:  (Whistles.)


A:  “He just picked it up.  You know: ‘Yeah, I go it…I got it, Yeah, I got it, I got it.’  ‘Cuz, they were probably, ‘hot,’ according to him.  You know what I mean?  So…So, he’s going to pay.  He’s going to pay their bill.  I…It’s amazing.  But, anyway, yeah, it happens.  I mean, they…the people have money.”


Q:  “So, it just depends on what type of club you’re at.”


A:  “Depends on what…ah, well, I think it depends on (pause) you know the person.  I don’t know.  I mean, they, I think that a lot of people spend money.  That…I think that depending on… on the type of people you have there, you know, the…the young kids are not going to be spending that much money.  (Quick pause)  You know, well I shouldn’t say that.  They will spend a lot of money.  I watched a guy (quick pause) go through his whole paycheck , you know.”


Q:  “Holy-mole-lee!”


A:  “You know, (Puts on a different voice.  Note to readers:  each and every voice has been different from each other, except the Tommy Chong tonality voice.)  ‘I just got paid and it’s done!  I only got 50 Bucks left.  Can you believe it?’  I’m like…”


Q:  (Laughs hard.)


A:  “…’Wow dude!’  You know, ‘You drank it all away in one day and it’s like a Wednesday.’  You know?  ‘Wow!’  You know?”


Q:  “I don’t know.  I don’t go to Bars.  Yup.”


A:  “Yeah.  You’re trying to beat the other man for a couple of hours, you know.”


Q:  “Right…right…right…right…right.”


A:  “I don’t know.  That’s not me.  I…you’ll never see me do that, but…”


Q:  “Errr…I…I couldn’t even, you know.”


A:  “And it’s not necessary.  You don’t have to do that, to have a good time, (pause) you know.  Two…two drinks…one drink even, you know?  (Quick pause) You know?  Ummm…people ‘Pre-Game,’ as they call it.  Which is…that means that they…they drink before they get there.”


Q:  “Oh my gosh!”


A:  “You know, not…not a whole lot, but you know…”


Q:  “Right.”



A:  “They…they’re…they’re ‘feeling good,’ when they get there; and then they, (quick pause) do more, when they get there, and still and, ahhh…and, you know, they don’t spend as much money I…I guess, I don’t know.  You know?  Ummm…I don’t recommend doing anything like that, but, (quick pause) just ‘cuz, you know, I don’t know if you’re getting a ride or driving or…”




Q:  “Right…right…right.”




A:  “But, other than that, you know, I mean, you know, you don’t have to spend all of your money, you know, to have a good time.  You know… you know, 20 Bucks if you can budget it, you’re set.”




Q:  “Right.  So, you don’t think with the economy going down, is any…(pause) back in 2008…”




A:  “Mmn-hun.”




Q:  “…Was it…was it really hard?”




A:  “2008?  Ummm…I don’t know, I was ‘’ in 2008 and it…that was…that was, ahhh…’O.T.R.’ days.”




Q:  “O.K..”




A:  “And that place was (quick pause) Jammed packed man.  ‘Boom!  Boom!  Boom!’  I mean, you know, you would think everybody had money.  If you were there, you…you know and they were, (quick pause) I mean, (quick pause) and I was…I was getting…I was getting paid a portion of the Bar.”




Q:  “Oh my gosh!”




A:  (Note to readers:  another word was said here but was obscured by my response.)  “…Which is the reason why.  But I wasn’t even getting the full amount, and I know this because when I checked on it, you know, like they were only paying me the cash.  They weren’t paying the credit card part.”




Q:  (Laughs)  “Oh-no!”  (laughs)




A:  “So…so…so…if they were paying me.  If they were paying me like they were supposed to pay me.”




Q:  “You would be getting like a thousand bucks.”




A:  “I would be getting…yeah, $800 - $1,000.”




Q:  “Woooshhh!”




A:  “Yeah…And that’s fine, you know, I don’t…”




Q:  “Right.”




A:  “You know?”  (Chuckles.)




Q:  “Oh my gosh.  Hey, do you have any closing statements before this tape runs out?”




A:  “Ahhh…just…like I said, you know, (pause) Ahhh…as far as ‘D.J.’s’ are concerned, if you’re…if you are…just learn your craft, and…and…and, ah…and don’t do it for pennies.  Make sure you…you know, you get…you know, you should be getting paid at least 100 – 150 Bucks at night, depending on where you’re at.  And if you have to travel, at least 200-220, ah, 250, 230 or whatever, ahhhmmm…if you have to travel.  You know what I’m saying?  Like ah…when…from Augusta to Portland or something like that, you know.  Don’t…don’t (quick pause) Ahhh…the…the ‘D.J.’s’ that’ve been there for a while, but you’re hurting yourself, because, in the future, you know, they’re going to be like: ‘Well, I paid 50 Bucks before, but, (quick pause) you know, I…I’m, ah…I’m only going to pay 10 Bucks now.’  You know what I mean?”




Q:  “Wow!”




A:  “So, you…you don’t want to do that…you know.  10 Bucks an hour, is not cool, you know for ‘’ at night.  It’s not.  (lightly chuckles-barely audible.)  So, that’s all I can say.”




Q:  “O.K., cool.  I think I got just enough tape to ask, ‘Are you sure, there’s nothing else?’”




A:  “Yeah, I’m sure.”




Q:  “O.K., cool leave it there.”




End of Interview One