Augusta Vacuum

Parts, & Service on most makes as well as supplies including Kirby, Rainbow, Electrolux and more.

234 Water Street
Owner: Dale Hatch
Open M-F 9A-5P Saturdays by Appt.

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Mikes Towing Service
432 Hallowell Road Chelsea Maine

About Mike:
    Mike Wilson won Unity raceway’s “Track Championship,” two years in a row.  (This is determined with who has a lead in points throughout the year.) He also Won Unity raceways' 2010 Championship. Mike has well over 50  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Trophies. 

      Mike Wilson  is also the owner of Mike’s Towing Service.  Mike has always worked for himself.    He races every Friday night at Unity, April thru October.  He races at night and Saturday afternoon and sometimes Sunday Afternoon.  Mike’s car is  number 92.  He has various advertisers on his car from his fathers pallet business (also on Riverside Drive) to West Gardiner Metals.  Mike also sponsors other racers such as Morris Young (03) in the strictly street V8 class at Wiscasset speedway, Ed Sleeper (22) at Unity for the “Wild Cats” Division.  Pete McCollett (20) the 4 cylinder class. (Not the 4 cylinder monster Mini class that Mike is in.)  Along with his own “Team Wilson Racing.”  This consists of his wife Carol whom also has number 92 and youngest daughter Mika  with the number 11 on the side.  Carol says Mika, ”Won 1st prize with parts mostly falling off the car.  Another time just second with the car skipping with a lot of re-starts.”  It was Mike’s sport first but he wanted to make racing a family thing since his brother inspired him to race.  ”I wanted to do it a long time.  I figured if my brother can afford it I could do it.”  (Mike was in his mid-20’s and married to his high school sweetheart Carol.)  His first racecar was a 96 Toyota Corolla.  He’s raced at Wiscasset speed way “for 9 or 10 years and I’ve been at Unity or 3-4 years.” Mike say’s “ I was running back and forth between the two race tracks for a while.”  His buddy Ron of “ Poulin Racing (97) says, “Mike is the most improved driver, in that class, I’ve seen at Unity.  Out of all the cars and guys as I’m concerned, Mike is the best of them.”  (Ron’s almost 68 years old so he’s seen a lot of drivers.) Ron says Mike came out of Wiscasset and didn’t have a lot going when he started at Unity. “I did a few things to his car and did something with a “stagger bar,” and showed him how to make changes and write them down.  I told him to go back to where it was and you’ll always know…Tire pressure and etc.  But your limited to what you can do.”  Ron says Mike never forgot that and that’s what Ron like’s about Mike. When Mike first started in 1997. According to his wife, “He was a real animal…passing three wide.”  This is how Mike got into his first crash that totaled his car.  He was going about 70-75 mph when he hit the wall.  Mike had about 4-5 crashes. 2 or 3 of them totaled his cars.  “One time I rolled a car 8-9 times.”  Mike never thought about stopping racing.  His wife and daughter have been racing for 4 years.  His daughter Mika was 14 when she started.  Mika has been in 2 really bad accidents but only got bruises from them.