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Ray McClutcheon on his Magnetic products.


Ray :  “Back in December when I was in Florida my feet were so bad that I was in a wheelchair every day.  Because of these products I now up and around leading a normal life.  I’ve had both of my feet operated on.  They said it was Tarsal Tunnel, similar to Carpal tunnel.  All it ever did was take away the side pressure on my feet.  I was wearing sandals for about 3 years.  All I could wear was sandals because my feet were so bad.  I’ve gone to all kinds of specialists and Doctors.  I went to a specialist in Boston.  None of the Doctors could tell me what was wrong, nobody knew.  They kept saying that nothing was wrong.  They wanted to put me on anti-depressants.  I don’t want to take drugs, so I refused to take it.  When I happened to run across this guy in Florida who had a table with products, he told me he could take me out of pain.  I didn’t believe him at all.  I thought he was full of malarkey.  He had me sit down.  My feet were so bad, that I was physically ready to sit down and cry.  Because, of my feet hurting so bad, I was compensating for the way I was walking which was throwing my back out at the same time.  He sat me down and I put my foot on a magnetic brick.  As I sat there, about 20 minutes later, the pain was actually gone.  That was the first time in 4 years that the pain was actually gone. I put my other foot on the brick.  I did them individually so that I’d know that it wasn’t just a coincidence.  I knew that if it drew pain out of one foot and there was pain in the other foot, then this stuff was really working.  It did.  It took the pain out of that foot and then the other foot.  While I was sitting there he asked me how my back was doing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had no back pain.  I couldn’t understand why.  Come to find out I was sitting on a Magnetic Pad.  While I was sitting there it eased all the pain in my back.  I didn’t bother with the wheelchair all the rest of the day.  I went to a flea market where it was all tar.  I walked all day there. Went out all evening.  Went out to Dinner.  Danced with my wife.  It’s the first time in 4 years my wife and I had been out dancing.  It was unbelievable.  I had no pain.  I went to bed that night and the next day I got up, I put my feet down and stood up.  I couldn’t believe it.  There was no pain. It’s been like that ever since and that started in December.  I also bought a back pad for my truck and I lean on that all the pain is gone in my back.  It’s unbelievable.  I’ve never been this pain free.  I went back in February and I talked to the guy and bought into the company.  I brought the stuff up here.  Since then, we have gone all over the state, done all kinds of home shows, and different kinds of stuff up here that we are going to be taking this stuff to.  I’m going to be doing a lot thru the fairs and town events.  I’ll be having the stuff throughout Maine.”

Big Time :  “This magazine is coming out in August.  Could you tell us some of the Fairs you’ll be doing in Augusta and September and so forth?”


Ray :  “We’ll we’re gonna try to be at the Windsor Fair which is in September.  We’re going to try to be at Cumberland, Acton, Skowhegan, Bangor.  We’re going to try to be in all of those, as long as it’s not too late.  I want to be in places like Old Hallowell Days, Richmond Days – anything I can find like that, any events that I know that is going on that I can possibly be in.  Those are the ones that I want to go to.

     We have found out that any show, any event, anywhere, this stuff is really being accepted.  I’m amazed, because in Maine. People are really ‘hard-nosed,’ and don’t believe in a lot of stuff.  This is working so well and so quick that we have mail orders all the time from people that are re-ordering and re-ordering and re-ordering more and more stuff, because, they’ll buy one small thing and find out it works.  It’s not a hoax.  Then they start really coming along and buying our stuff. Our magnets for magnetic therapy is different from anybody else’s.   The  polarity on our magnets…we use strictly the North Pole series, which is the negative part of the magnet.  The South Pole is the positive side.  We use strictly the North Pole series which is the negative side.  This company has figured a way to make a magnet totally negative on one side, totally positive on the other side and there’s not any others out there that can do that right now.  They have alliterating polarity similar to a refrigerator magnetic that you have on a refrigerator.  The reason it will hold itself on the refrigerator is on the account it has negative and positive all over the same side.  It’s negative-positive, negative-positive, negative positive all over the whole magnet.  Ours is not.  Ours is totally negative and totally positive.  I show demonstrations by how – if you put them together; how they stay there and they don’t snap up one side or down the other.  They don’t twist around on you, unless you’ve got positive to positive obviously they’ll push apart, though when you put a negative to positive, anywhere you put it, it will hold its position.  It’s not like the other type of magnets that have negative and positive all on the same side and they jump apart from each other.

     We’ve got a variety of products.  We have more products than probably most other companies.  We have things that will range from your feet, your ankles, your legs, your knees, your hips, your back, your arms, your shoulders, your elbows, your writs…we’ve got all kinds of jewelry that helps the same type of stuff.  We have jewelry that actually lowers blood pressure.  We have all kinds of products.  We have orthopedic pillows that have magnets in them for anybody who has headaches, neck aches, upper backaches as you’re sleeping at night this helps rejuvenate it.  It helps rebuilt it.  We have mattress pads.  We have pet pads for people with pets like myself.  My dog- I have a Sheltie and in years, when they get older, they’re prone to have hip disease and by using this pet pad I’m hoping to be able to not have that problem with her.  There’s a lot of different things.  We have a first aid magnet that is one of the most high powered magnets you can buy for its size and for people who are allergic to bee stings.  If you get stung by a bee, you take this magnet and put it right on to the bee sting and it neutralizes the pH in there so you don’t have to use a needle.  They are very high powered magnets.  They are used for a variety of different things.  It’s not something that’s going to cure everybody.  It’s not cure-a;; for everyone, but we’ve had a high rate of people that once they’ve used this, they found great results.  There’s other companies out there and they’ll find out that ours is totally different than other companies.”


Big Time :  “What other companies?”


Ray :  “Ours is Lyon, Gold and Silver.  They are from La Crosse Wisconsin.”


Big Time :  “Lyon?”


Ray :   “Yes, Lyon…Gold and Silver.  That doesn’t mean there’s gold or silver in it.  It means that gold is more high powered, silver is less power.  They both will do the same thing it’s just that high power will do it much faster, much quicker and you’ll see results a lot faster.  The silver one will also do it, but it will just take a little bit more time. 

     I have testimonial letters from people that have used it and have found out that it’s just incredible.  A guy that does VCR repair has very bad hips, real excruciating pain.  He’s come in and tried our cushions.  He sat on a cushion for 23 minutes and got up.  When he came in he was in excruciating pain.  He couldn’t believe it.  His pain was totally gone in 23 minutes.  He went out immediately and got the money and came back and brought one of these pads from me.  I have a testimonial letter that tells that he’s had it for 10 days.  He has it with him all the time.  He sits on it and stuff, in his car and sleeps on it at night in his bed.  He’s already cut his medication in less than half from the result of it.  He’s doing more.  He’s walking more and he’s enjoying life like he hasn’t done it before and that’s somebody locally in this area.  I have other testimony letters from other people, so this really works.  It’s not a hoax.  It’s an incredible product.  It can range from people being young to old, for anything they might have.  If it’s an athlete, they always have these knee supporters and stuff that they use;  well we have the same type of knee supporter but what we’ve done is we’ve enhanced it by putting magnets in the knee supporter.  Instead of peddling you’re bike or running or doing track, whatever it is and when you get older and end up having your knees all gone on you. You can use these now and it helps your body rejuvenate itself now and not later when you’re in pain.  You can actually save yourself from future pain.  People who have bad knees or bad elbow we have different applications that they can use for that.  They just aren’t some sound disc, or something like that.  They are an actual product that’s designed for that area that’s comfortable.  It doesn’t look hideous, it’s acceptable.

     For people who have arthritis and tendinitis and those types of things, especially arthritis that is a calcium deposit into your system; by using these magnets, it increases your blood flow.  The blood flow is a very important thing because the more blood you can have pumping thru that area, that will be aching and paining; you have more chances of white blood cells coming thru there which will attack the calcium deposits and end up chewing them up and getting rid of a lot of your arthritis and problems like that.  Especially your hands and feet.  Those are the worst places for anybody.  That’s where the poor circulation comes especially as they get older.

      We have different things for people with bad backs.  Will it cure a back from popping out and going to the Chiropractor?  No.  But, what it will do is decrease the swelling so that like myself, my back goes out a lot but it’s non-operable, because it’s something, because of being in construction for years.  I wore my back out and it does pop out when I’m doing something.  By wearing magnetic around my back area when it does hurt or I’m in pain or when that does happen;  what it does do is it increases the circulation and it takes the swelling out of it so I don’t have to ice it and keep icing it to get it to go down.  Then when I go to the chiropractor, it’s easier for him to put it in. 

      I have different ones that go into the back.  I have a back pad.  You put that in there and instantly it starts the blood circulating which will take away some of the swelling, so when I go in to be adjusted its very easy.  The Chiropractor has no problem at all snapping it back in.  There’s all kinds of things these are used for.  We have foot pads that you can use.  We have the magnets that are placed at the accurate pressure points of your feet.  We have two different types of them.  They range from $17.50 to $15.50.  (Note to readers:  This interview was done in the late 90’s, so those prices may have changed.)  That’s a very low cost to be able to be on your feet and be able to walk all the time without pain. 

     We have all kinds of different products.  We have found out that bacteria cannot live in a negative magnetic field, so a lot of time people with colds and flues and different ailments of that sort; if they are around the magnets or have a mattress pad of something like that, they won’t catch the colds.  They won’t get the flues. They may come down with it a little bit during the day, but, by the time they sleep on this at night, it will get rid of it.  It will kill it as they’re sleeping on it.  The body rejuvenates itself from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock in the morning, every  night.  That’s the critical time to get the rest you need and if you’re sleeping on a mattress pad you’re going to find out that you’re body is going to be much more rested.  You’re going to have more energy the next day.  You won’t require as much sleep because you’ve been into a really deep restful sleep and that is where it’s the most important to be in that deep sleep.  That’s where you get most of your rest.  The magnets relax your muscles, relax your body and you get into a really nice comfortable sleep.  I sleep better now than I’ve slept in the last 25 years.  It’s been a great thing.

      As far as musicians; what can it do for them?  Well, a lot of them have Carpal Tunnel or sore wrists.  It won’t cure Carpal Tunnel, but it will take a lot of swelling, a lot of pain and pressure out of that area, especially if they’ve had an operation for Carpal Tunnel.  By using magnetic, you’ll heal 3 times as fast as you normally do and it will help those types of problems.  It will help your nerves.  It will help muscles.  It will help all types of different problems in through there.  Like I said, it’s not a cure all, but it will help different parts.

      Guys that are lugging in the equipment.  They’re backs are hurting.  They wear different back supporters.  We have back supporters, but we enhance them by putting magnets in them which increases the blood circulation and they end up with a lot of less problems then what they probably would have.  Drummers, they are using their wrists all the time.  They’re prone to have those types of problems.  If they were to wear the type of bracelets; which look like jewelry, so people don’t know that they have that or we have wrist wraps and braces, stuff like that.  They could use those if that’s what they prefer.  By using anything like this, they may, ‘stop,’ a problem that may arise in the future.

     Anybody playing the piano.  You’re using your hands.  You’re using your fingers.  You’re using that same repetitious thing over and over.  This is where the magnets come in and it helps…you know?  People who are using it who play either piano or guitar or some kind of a horn or something, they’re using their fingers. By having these magnets on there, they will find that their fingers are much more loose.  Their hands are looser.  They can actually do things a lot quicker and faster with it, so there are different things that would also help.

     There’s all kinds of things.  Elderly people could also use this for arthritis and rheumatism and that type of stuff.  There are different types of magnets which would definitely be able to help them be able to get back into their regular stream of life without taking drugs all the time.”