Augusta Vacuum

Parts, & Service on most makes as well as supplies including Kirby, Rainbow, Electrolux and more.

234 Water Street
Owner: Dale Hatch
Open M-F 9A-5P Saturdays by Appt.

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              Noodle House
           3 Market Street
          Potsdam New York
   **  Medium degree of spiciness
1.    Combo Special
        Rice noodle soup with beef,
       soft tender and well done beef
       with beef meatballs, shanghai
       tips and bean sprouts.
2.    Kwoey-tieo Neua
       (Braised or Soup)
       Rice noodle or Egg noodle with
       beef and meatballs.
3.    Kwoey-tieo puk + Tofu
       Rice noodle or Egg noodle soup
       with vegetable and tofu.
4.    Suki Yaki
       Silver noodles in Thai style
       suki-yaki sauce with egg,
       celery, and shanghai tips with
       beef or chicken.
       Combo:  Shrimp, Beef, Squid,
        and Chicken.
5.    Yenta Fo
        Rice noodles with shrimp,
        squid, fish balls and
        shanghai tips in special broth.
6.    **Kwoey-tieo Tom Yum
        Rice noodles or Egg noodles
        soup with pork, or tofu or
        chicken or shrimp or beef
        stew tender and bean sprout.
     Seafood: (Squid, fish or shrimp.)
7.    **Kanom Jeen Namya
       Rice noodles with Thai noodle
       sauce and vegetable.
8.    **Kanom Jeen Namprick
       Rice noodles with sweet Thai
       sauce and vegetable.
9.    Udon Noodle
       Wheat noodle with chicken and
       Shrimp and vegetable.
10.  Kwoey - Tieo Chicken or Pork
       ( Braised or Soup )
       Rice noodles or Egg noodle with
      Pork or Chicken and meatball
      and vegetable.
11.   Kwoey - Tieo  Roast Duck
        Rice noodle or Egg noodle soup
        with Roast Duck and vegetable.