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Patricia Buck Bridal Interview


Q :  “O.K., this is an interview with Patricia Buck, who’s the owner of Patricia Buck Bridal on Water street in Augusta Maine.  Ah, Patricia, do you want to get into, ahhh…one of the finer things that you want your, ahhh…ahhh…potential customers to know about your store?”


A  :  “Well, I am the largest bridal shop in the state of Maine.  I have, ahhh…dresses for every style you could possibly think of and I have all size ranges.  I have all the way up to size 30.  Ahhmmm…I have many companies.  I have bridesmaids.  I have mother of the bride.  I have tuxedo rentals.  My tuxedo rentals are less expensive than any of the other tuxedo places in town and they are the same tuxedos.  So, I do have a lot of people who have return business through me, because they know that they have good service here.  Ummm…I have a lot of dresses that are on sale.  I have hundreds of bridesmaid’s dresses.  As soon as they are discontinued, I put them on sale for $25.  Some of them were as much as $300, originally.  And I have many, many bridal gowns on sale, for half of the original price, because they’re discontinued.  Rather than just put them on sale for a little bit of money off, I just want to get rid of them because I need the space.  So, I put them on sale right away for half price.  Which is less than I paid for it.

       But, anyway, we do have wonderful service.  I have a really good seamstress in the area that does really nice work.  And, ah, I have exclusives on some of the companies.  I have the exclusive for the Disney Collection.  So, we’re always very friendly, and helpful.  You don’t have to make an appointment.  You can come in any time you want.  You can look at all the dresses.  You can stay as long as you want and I hope that maybe we’d see you again sometime soon.”  


Q  :  “Can you talk about the international dresses?”


A  :  “Yes, I have dresses from Spain, from Barcelona Spain.  Most of the dresses are kinda international, because everything’s made in China now, except for the ones from Spain.  They do have a factory in Spain where they make them.  But, that’s really the only international company that I have at the moment.  Most of the other big designers are either, the real expensive ones, a lot of them are made right here in New York or somewhere in the United States.  That’s why, part of the reason why they are so expensive.”


Q  :  “Can you name some of the ‘name brands’ off?”


A  :  “Ahmmm…Well, there’s the Pronovias company from Barcelona Spain.  I have the Jasmine Company.  I have the Alfred Angelo Disney Collection.  I have the exclusive for that, the Disney Collection, for the State.”


Q  :  “What’s the difference between a Disney Dress compared to a regular type of dress?  Is it like the dresses they use in the movies and so forth?  The same type of design?”


A  :  “They’re not from the movie, but they’re inspired by that.  Like the ‘Ariel,’ this is a ‘Mermaid,’ dress.  They are licensed by Disney to do the designs, and the kind of look more like something you’d wear, like a Cinderella…they have a Cinderella and different, you know, names; ‘Snow White,’ things like that.  They kinda make you think of the fairy tale. 

     I also have a copy of the dress that Kate wore in England.  I also have a copy of the dress that was in the ‘Twilight’ movie.  Which are…people are very interested in that particular one.  One of the companies that, I have in bridesmaids and mothers.  You can get the dresses in any length.  You can get it in ‘knee-length.’ ‘T-length,’ or ‘long legged,’ you can order it that way.  There’s the one company that also does that.  They have a bridesmaid line, one of the brides, the have 3 different lines.  Some of their bridesmaid’s dresses are made of 100% cotton.  Which is a cotton chiffon.  Which is really soft and nice, and that’s a new fabric.”


Q :  “Ahhmnmm…what is the superiority of the cotton chiffon, compared to the other cottons they use for the dresses?”


A  :  “It’s the only cotton that’s used in the bridesmaid’s dresses, and the chiffon is just very soft.  It’s like the polyester chiffon, only its 100% cotton, and it’s a better price; Even though it’s a much nicer fabric.”


Q  :  “How far in advance do you suggest that people order their dresses before their wedding dates?”


A  :  “Most of the companies, I would recommend at least 6 months.  That’s minimum for Bridal gown.  Some of the companies we can get them within 4 months. 12 weeks plus shipping, but I don’t recommend you wait until the last minute.  And we can do, ‘rush cuts,’ if someone has a last minute wedding.  You can also buy any of the dresses off the rack.  The bridesmaids, most of them take 12 weeks, plus shipping.  We can do…some of them can do ‘rush cuts.’  It costs a little extra to do a ‘rush cut.’  I don’t recommend waiting until the last minute, if you do have time; because, all of the dresses are made in China, and they have to go through customs.  And there have been times, when we’ve had problems, where it takes time to go through customs.  Like if we have a crazy thing happen over, you know, in the war situation or something.  Then they’re a little bit more careful with the customs, or if we have a threat of some sort.  So, it takes longer to go through customs, because they check them more thoroughly.  So, it’s always a good idea to allow some extra time.  But, as I say, most of them, will come within 12 weeks plus shipping.”


Q  :  “Do you folks dye wedding shoes as well?”


A  :  “Yes, yes.  I do the dying myself.  I am an artist, so I know how to mix colors.  I will dye the shoes to match your bridesmaids, or your mothers’ dresses, and also the bridal gowns.  If you have a different color of Ivory, I can dye it to match your dress.”


Q  :  “And the tuxedos.  How far in advance do you recommend people to order their tuxedos as well?”


A  :  “The tuxedos we can do in a lot shorter time, if we have to.  I mean, I ordered something for somebody, and it came in, in one day.  But, they usually charge a little more if you do that.  I would recommend at least a month ahead of time.  Depending on what time of the year the wedding is.  If it’s a busy, busy time, like during foliage in Maine, which is our busiest time, I would recommend doing it a little bit earlier than that.  Because, we want to make sure that they get exactly what they want.”


Q  :  “And ah, what wedding gifts do you folks sell at the store as well?”


A  :  “Ahhh…I have things like the glasses that people use for their toasting.  I do have a local person, who paints the glasses herself and she will put anything on it that you want.  You can put any design you want on it, that’s whatever writing you want on it and I also have some you can get from the companies as well.  Some things like guest books, but I don’t have a lot of gift items.”


Q  :  “Is there any other services you would like our readers to know about?”


A  :  “I really can’t think of anything.  If they want…if they’re interested in other services, I have …I can recommend, because I have a lot of people that come in and…and I’m familiar…I’ve been in business for 34 years, so, I’m familiar with a lot of the hair dressers, and disc jockeys, and photographers and things like that. So, if they need anything, you know, any information on that, I could probably help them out with that.”


Q  :  “And it’s probably safe to say, your dresses are higher quality of your dresses are higher quality than, say it was a warehouse doing wedding dresses, ah, ah, that’s probably selling a cheap quality.  Is that safe to say?”


A  :  “Yes, that’s true; very true.”


Q  :  “Is there anything else you’d like to add?”


A  :  “I can’t think of anything.  I think we’ve discussed just about everything.”


Q  :  “O.K. .  Well, I want to thank you very much and I hope you have a great day.”


A  :  “Thanks.”